Monday, 31 January 2011

Day 10 Bootcamp

It matters more what's in a woman's face than what's on it.  - Claudette Colbert 

In The Bathroom:

The Price Of Beauty

Each year, American women aged 30 to 49 spend approximately $1,200 on cosmetics, $1,000 on their hair, $500 on eyebrow maintenance and waxing, and $400 on caring for their hands and feet, according to a recent Newsweek article. That's around $3,100 annually—and $31,000 over a decade!

It's perfectly possible to look great every day without leaving an army of salon specialists in your wake. Sure, it makes sense to go to the salon before a big event (your first ever video screening, perhaps?), but we bring you tips for the daily grind.

How To Make Discount Makeup Go The Distance.

On a daily basis, $30 Chanel mascara performs no better than $7 Maybelline. Here's how to make sure that your Revlon does the trick just as well as the Dior:
Make sure to throw out any expired makeup. All cosmetics have an expiration date, regardless of the type or the brand.
Store your makeup in a dry place away from heat and light.

Ensure that your makeup goes the extra mile by applying it like a pro.

Where To Buy Makeup For Less.

From now on, you shouldn't be paying full price for your makeup. If you have a favorite brand or know exactly what you're looking for, consider ordering makeup from an online discount retailer. Here are some of our favorites:

"Natural" Ways To Reduce Beauty Costs.

Instead of paying high prices for beauty products, substitute some around-the-house items in creative ways. According to Alexandra Spunt, author of No More Dirty Looks, your body and skin will thank you for using clean, natural products. "Very harsh surfactants—chemicals that makes the products really foam," she says, "strip your natural oil, and make you have to shampoo and wash even more." This also means that you don't need to waste money on leave-in products to replenish those same oils.

  1. Check out these sites for discounts on your makeup:,,

  1. Throw out any beauty products that are past their prime.
  2. Make a list of how much you spend on all beauty expenses. There are probably places you can cut back.

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