Monday, 3 January 2011

Book reading Challenge of to a flying start

January Book List

The Reluctant Hero  by Michael Dobbs       Contains some stong language!!      completed 3/1/11
Shut Eye by Adam Baron                            contains swear language                  completed 5/1/11
The penultimate chance saloon by simon brett                                                    completed 9/1/11
The Smoke Jumper by Nicholas Evans                                                              completed 11/1/11
A certain Freedom by Evelyne Hood                                                                 completed 13/1/11
I don't know how she does it by Allison Pearson                                                completed  14/1/11
Azur like it by Wendy Holden                       contains swear language and sex!   completed 7/1/11
The Roar of the Butterflies by  Reginald Hill                                                        completed 8/1/11
The secret by berverly lewis         ***HIGHLY RECOMMEND***                   completed  16/1/11
The Missing by beverly Lewis        ***HIGHLY RECOMMEND***              completed 18/1/11
The Telling by beverly Lewis   ***HIGHLY RECOMMEND***                    completed 20/1/11

I have discovered that books need a rating system urgently none of these books from the local library had any sign that stong language or sex where hidden inside the cover.  We should set up a petition!

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