Tuesday, 25 January 2011

21 Days to getting Organized has come to an end!

21 Days To Getting Organized has come to an end!


Today is FINALLY the last day of the challenge... {sob & smile}. Its bitter sweet for me. I have LOVED visiting each and every one of your blogs & seeing you all get organized. I can see how it has impacted your lives and I'm just refreshed to know that we have made it to the end and we are more organized for being a part of this great challenge.

Grab a button! You deserve it.

My challenge for you:

Today, I wanted to put the spotlight on YOU! You can post anything that hasn't been covered in the challenge today! I want you to share your favorite organizing ideas that are utilized in your homes. What works well for you? ...that we have not covered inthe challenge. If you have a craft area that wasn't covered in the challenge, now would be a great time to organize it! (Although, I will be covering the craft area in my next weekly challenge (starting Janyary 30th).Today will be a valuable day for each of us (to learn some new things). Im ready to go blog surfing and see what you all can inspire me with.

Today, I am showing a couple of areas in my home, where being organized simply makes it easier for us!

Last summer, I found this great vintage porcelain tray with a green rim (my favorite color). It holds my Basic H & Dish soap, sponges (in a vintage soap dish), and my scrubbers.

Baskets are great for just about anything! We have all of our throw blankets in this one.

A charging station keeps the cords in check. We store our Ipads, Ipods & cell phones here. I got this one at World Market on clearance (this week) for $9.97.

Instead of opening the detergent box every time I do a load of laundry...


I use a glass container. The soap that I use only takes one medicine cup full for each load!

I keep it all on top of my dryer for easy access.
I have a ton more organizing tips to share. But, those will have to wait until the next challenge!!! ;)

Heres a big THANK YOU to Toni over at A Bowl full of lemons I can't wait till the next weekly challenges begin.

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