Wednesday, 5 January 2011

2011 Family Home evening Planner

I'm starting off this year well organized in the area of family Home Evening it's always been a part of our family life however not really given the priority that it deserves this year it's going to be different

These lessons are based on Faith in God (Primary) Programme (for 8-11yrs old), Personal Progress (Young Women) Programme (for 12-17yrs old), For the Strength of Youth Pamphlet, General Confrence addresses and Scripture stories from the Book Of Mormon, The Old & New Testament and the Docterine and Covenants.


2011 Scripture reading challenge

Scripture Study (BoM)                           "I Will Hold to the Rod "

Faith in God                                            Articles of Faith

Personal Progress                                   Faith

FTSOY                                                  For The Strength Of Youth


Scripture Study (BoM)                           "Seek Praiseworthy Media"

Faith in God                                            2nd Article of Faith

Personal Progress                                   Divine Nature

General Conference                                Attempting The Impossible


Scripture Study (BoM)                          “What Will Ye that I Should Do?"

Faith in God                                           3rd Article of Faith

Personal Progress                                   Individual Worth

FTSOY                                                  Dating and Sexual Purity

Family History                                        Fathers


Scripture Study (D&C)                          I am Clean

Faith in God                                          4th Article of Faith

Personal Progress                                  Knowledge

General Conference                               Prayers and Promptings


Scripture Study (D&C)                         Windows of Heaven

Faith in God                                          5th Article of Faith

Personal Progress                                 Choice & Accountability

FTSOY                                                Fundamentals to following the Prophet.


Scripture Study (D&C)                         Would Jesus Talk Like That

Faith in God                                         6th Article of Faith

Personal Progress                                Good works

General Conference                             More Diligent and Concerned at Home


Scripture Study (OT)                          “I Will Be With Thee"

Faith in God                                        7th Article of Faith

Personal Progress                                Integrity

FTSOY                                               Language

Family History                                     Mothers


Scripture Study (OT)                           “Modern-Day Goliaths"

Faith in God                                         8th Article of Faith

Personal Progress                                Virtue

General Conference                             2 Principles for Economy


Scripture Study (OT)                          "Children Honour & Obey Your Parents"

Faith in God                                        9th Article of Faith

Personal Progress                                Modesty

FTSOY                                              Temples


Scripture Study (NT)                          “The Oil of Preparedness"

Faith in God                                         10th Article of Faith

Personal Progress                                 The Golden Rule (Stealing)

General Conference                             The Great Apostacy


Scripture Study (NT)                          "The Admonition of Paul"

Faith in God                                        11th Article of Faith

Personal Progress                               Thanksgiving and Gratitude

FTSOY                                             Repentance


Personal Progress                               Christmas Service Countdown

Scripture Study (NT)                          "Did Jesus Really Live Again? "

Faith in God                                        12th Articles of Faith

General Conference                            Tell Me stories of Jesus

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