Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Our romantic trip to Edinburgh

was a very qualified disaster.  We only traveled to the east coast on the earliest snowfall of the year and coldest snap in over a hundred years.

We actually drove quite easily across Scotland however less than 100 meters of the motorway we were snow bound unable to get into the travel lodge car park and had to park on the forecourt of the petrol garage next door.  We rested but realised we may have problems when the news talked of the first ever school closures of all the schools in Edinburgh and the closure of Edinburgh Castle.  Ditto Roswell Chapel and Ditto Stirling Castle all our planned visits up the spout.

We then discovered the restaurant attached to the travel lodge was closed so no food except crisps chocolate and pot noodles from the garage. Still we thought we could spend a nice time lounging around drawing, reading, crafting resting and watching telly.    Not to be Our Car got Broken into and we were awoken by the police.  So we had to leave early because the door was all damaged so we couldn't just fix the window and hey presto we were back the very next day.

Sean trying to look arty

He refused to make snow angels in case he was smothered to death in an avalanche

but the views were amazing

Our poor wee car in the garage forecourt

the best holiday snaps taken on the way home through the heart of Scotland

helpful advice

nearly there now

In Ayrshire less than 10 miles from Glasgow and not a snow flake to be seen (We are to miserable to invest)

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