Thursday, 25 November 2010

Santa's Longjohns

I found this great craft at Paper Cakes and Icing I added a little addition at the back and added a pipe clearer coat hanger and hey presto we have a great we gift for teachers and other people we appreciate for christmas.  We slipped in a few sweets.

Using the template cut out 2 for each longjohn on red paper and 1 square suitable for a flap at the back curving two of the edges.

Use double sided sticky tape to secure the top to the lower back of the  1 of the longjohns and use 3d sticky pads to give the bottom a more 3d effect

If you wish sew on buttons or bows do so now.

Use a sewing machine and sew round the two templates leaving the top open

Add any other decoration if you haven't added buttons and bow I added clipart buttons and bows.

Add a label which should say "I looked for a stocking, but couldn't find a spare so I decided to stuff Santa's Long Underwear"

I used a pipe cleaner to make a coat hanger I used a spatula to wrap the pipe cleaner around twisted and finaly made the shape of the hook

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Anonymous said...

fantastic. We used this as a christmas present for our Primary 2's and they loved making them. There mums will love it.

Thanks for sharing

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