Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Duke of Edinburgh Cooking and Personal Progress Cooking

Ruth's decided to do her talents part of her Duke of Edinburgh on Cooking.  Her first choice was a starter of Chili, Ginger and Prawns on a bed of Chory Leaves
We learnt that
1.  Always take the chili seeds out of the pod before chopping the chillies as its murder to get all the seeds out after.
2.  Dad (who was helping get the seeds out) should always wash his hands after touching chili juice as it burns not only your hands but where ever it touches. (face)
3. The smaller the chili the hotter it is

before picture

after picture

looks great and is very HOT

Hanna has decided to do some cooking as well and made the main course of tuna casserole which was lovely and cool after the spicy hot starter.  You both did great girls.
Hanna in pepper preparation
Finished Tuna Casserole delicious!

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