Saturday, 10 July 2010

Kelburn Country Park

We took dad to visit another castle this time in Kelburn country park however the earl was at home so we were unable to tour however we did the next best thing and did some tree hugging this one is nearly 400 years old and required four of us to give it a little squueze.

The kids loved the stockade and Hanna and Ruth even managed to the top
The best part was the adventure play ground where the kids spent a good few hours running about
Followed by the secret garden with its suprises and mazes round every corner

A brillant day out but were all exhausted I think we need a few rest days to recover from this one.

Swimming at the Magnum

We survived !!!!

Wild Wednesday - Fun day at Eglinton Park

Hanna & Adam had the chance to join with others of thier age for some fun games led by the local park rangers
which left Ruth Dad and I at a loose end for 2 hours mum had a lovely time reading while Ruth and sean after pretending to read for a time decided to go sight seeing.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Dean Castle and Kite flying

We had a great time at Dean Castle for our picnic, kite flying and drawing for our exhibition (although dad needed a little consoulling as his kite kept falling apart)

Museum visit

We went to the Dick Institute in Kilmarnock to check out the museum.  The children were really taken by the old classroom which took mum and I back as we used to have the old desks with the hole in the corner for the ink well (I never used the ink well)

Beach time with Gran

We had a great time at Saltcoats beach with gran.  Its the first time grans been at the beach in many years we all had a great time reading, building castles and runways

Exhibition examples

This summer the children are going to do thier own exhibition on thier summer experiencesso first of all we checked out local exhibitions to see how it was done. Here are some of the examples that really inspired Hanna.

Stay Cation Breakfast

First day of the summer holidays starts with a staycation breakfast of all the childrens favourites bacon, sausage, pancakes, toast with chocolate spread and eggs, orange and apple juice and eating outside in the sunshine.

Poor dad missed it this year as he was working.

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