Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Pioneer Upside Down Doll

Actually this doll was made out of fabric rosettes, a pair of pink socks and 1/2 meter or so of fabric floral and the same with coordinating block colour yellow wool and brown wool and 2 pair of googly eyes. Its an upside down doll so the above pictures are actually of the same doll.
You can pick up similar patterns on the Internet or just make up a normal doll and added a pioneer doll story (below) which personalises it a little I think.
To get the curly hair I wrapped the wool round a metal knitting needle and sat it in a hot oven for a few minutes allowed to cool and then unwrapped ( becareful not to leave in the oven to long as this can change the colour of the wool)
This doll is held together with thin elastic so is quite fragile therefore its a better gift for an older girl who might sit it on her bed.

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