Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Family Council for November

Our Family Council Minutes
Ruth 9pm Sunday - Thursday
10pm Fri & Saturday
Hanna 8pm - Sunday - Thursday
9pm Friday & Saturday (no evening television)
Adam 7pm Sunday - Thursday
8pm Saturday & Sunday
When cleaning the toilet the brush is not to be put in the bin
extra care is to be taken to personal hygiene after using the loo IE flush and washing hands
the phantom toilet blocker is to be caught and executed unless they unblock the toilet themselves (ha ha evil laugh)
Mum is to make a poster to remind everyone of the the flush and wash rule.
Gas & Electricity
It's been agreed to keep the gas off for another few weeks if possible as everyone still feels warm enough in the house although Hanna would like an extra blanket for her bed
Everything with the exception of the freezers and alarm clocks have to be unplugged at night to try and save electricity all lights must be switched off before leaving a room and nothing is to be left on standby
Family Home Evenings
Family Home evenings for the next few months will be from the Faith in God Book for Girls and Boys and Personal Progress and will be taught by the relevant person to achieve their goals start next week Ruth is to start or complete a personal progress every FHE after her brother & Sister have gone to bed.
You Are Special Meals For December
planning ahead for U R Special meals they are as follows:-
Prawn Cocktail with side order of Mussels
Scampi and chips with mushy peas and lemon
Ice Cream
Prawn cocktail (no shells)
Gammon Stake, Pineapple (not cooked), Roast Potatoes with Runner Beans
Apple Crumble and vanilla Ice Cream
Fruit with melted chocolate dip
turkey with Yorkshire pudding sweetcorn and chips (MacDonald style)
apple pie and vanilla ice cream
pink lemonade
Fruit cocktail
pig in blankets, Yorkshire puddings, chips, (veg)
apple crumble and chocolate ice cream
fruit shoots
tomato soup
Corn beef Casserole
Biscuits and cheese
flavoured water
(Mum not to cook)
Every one wrote down something they love about everyone in the family and they will be placed in the UR Special Bottle and dinner is to be by candle light with soft music playing.
Secret Elves
secret elves to be done in 2 parts the first being a papercraft elf, passport, introduction letter, report card and explanation letter with elf cakes to be secretly driven to the Evan's Family
D Wilde Family
Penbleton Family
Hacket Family
Secret elves part 2 explanation letter and elf cakes
to be delivered to friends and family
Sheryl's Gran
and others to follow
Secret Santa's
this year our secret Santa's are mini hampers containing soup, pudding, jam, Christmas cake and some Christmas decorations all in Hat boxes and they have to be delivered to
Mrs Duncan
Helen Lewis
and others to follow

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