Friday, 7 August 2009

New Reading Challenge

Well so far I've almost completed my 100 book challenge for 2009 and although it was interesting reading different authours and different types of books which I've never before considered it did leave me feeling far from uplifted. So it is with relish I'm starting another reading challenge to be done this year but on a more spiritual and uplifting.

My Challenge is to read 25 spiritually uplifting books by the end of the year.

My first book is "Better Than You Think You Are" by Ardith G Kapp

When we feel the need for encouragement, when we wonder about our worth or our ability, we need a little reassuring note or whisper in the ear, "You are better than you think you are." This book offers that needed boost, acknowledging that we all face weighty responsibilities that seem overwhelming at times. We all have doubts and fears. Drawing on Christ's love for us, we can remove the dark clouds that challenge our confidence, even in adversity. Writes bestselling author Ardeth Kapp, "With the Lord's help we are always far, far better than we can be by ourselves."

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