Sunday, 16 August 2009

Father's Blessings andFamily Counsel

Its back to school tomorrow so as is our family tradition we got the school boxes out with all their new school clothes, bags, stationary etc all nicely labeled and adjusted for the right fit over the last few weeks. We all were showered, hair washed and bright faced in our Jammie's and then it was time for their fathers blessing. Sean gave each child a blessing to help them prepare for the upcoming school year and to encourage them to do their best.
photo's to follow
The it was family counsel time again. Here are our minutes:-
BEDTIMES :- Ruth wants to bring her bedtime forward for more sleep as she is about to start early morning seminary (knock me down with a feather) 9PM
Hanna - 8pm
Adam - 7pm
Mum and dad - 11pm
MORNING WAKE UPS:- Ruth - Mon 6am, Tue 7am, Wed 6am, Thurs 6am, Fri 7am, Sat up to noon, Sun 9am.
Hanna -Mon 6.45, Tue, 7am, wed 6.45, Thurs 6.45am, Fri 7am, Sat up to noon, Sun 9am
Adam- Mon -Fri 7am, Sat up to noon, Sun 9am.
Mum - Mon 6am, Tue 7am, Wed 6am, Thurs 6am, Fri 7am, Sat up to noon, Sun 9am
Dad - 6am for day shift, 3pm for night shift.
Breakfast at 8am
8.20am Family prayer and family devotional
everyone must make bed, open windows and open curtains every morning
Ruth -Hoover House Tuesday, Friday,
Walk Dog and feed, Mon, Wed, Thurs
Hanna- All Bins Everyday
All Washing Everyday
Adam - Gather dirty dishes from whole house - everyday
Walk dog and feed - Tue, Fri
Damp dust - Hall, Living room,
Ruth:- 7.30 onwards
Hanna:- after dinner (5.00)
Adam :- before bedtime (6.30)
Pocket Money
£12 in bank per month
£2.00 paid every Thursday (50p of which is tithing)

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