Monday, 6 July 2009

Sunday 5th of July


Another two baptisms for next week Joy and Gary 6pm next Saturday

Choir practice after church

Opening hymn 140 Did you think to Pray

Opening Prayer by Christine Broadfoot

Conformations of last weeks baptisms Diane and Denise ( this was especially nice as the conformations were done by Young men who have just received the Melchizedek Priesthood)

Young Robert Cairns (Jr) will be receiving the aaronic priesthood - priest

Sacrament hymn 182 We'll sing all hail in Jesus Name


Testimony time

Closing hymn 152 God be with you

Closing Prayer Michelle Evans

Sunday School by Anne Wilson

Priesthood - The Power of Godliness
Doctrine and Covenants 84

Oath and covenants of priesthood are of major importance

The Priesthood Covenant to:

(33) faithful to obtaining priesthoods

(33) magnify their callings - serve with diligence and enthusiasm

(36) to recieveth god's servants

(42) give diligent head to words of eternal life (hearing and doing)

(44) live by the word of God

What God Promises Us:-

(33) sanctify the spirit unto the renewing of their bodies

(34) Abrahamic blessing to them and their posterity

His elect/chosen

(38) all the father has is given

Relief Society

Primary is looking for volunteers to teach in Primary over the summer while teachers are away on holiday

Women In Zion Like Eating (WIZLE) group is meeting at the Peking Chef Thursday at 7pm

Opening Hymn 116 Come follow me

Opening Prayer

Rambling Club contact Cathy Dunachie

Susan Feehan in Hospital 5a Crosshouse Hospital Broken shoulder


  • This month we are collecting small toys for donations to the Romanian Shoebox appeal)
  • Continue to collect juice bottle lids for the wheelchair appeal of a local girl who needs the weight of a wheelchair in lid bottles to get a new wheelchair.

Pursuit of Excellence

The pursuit of Excellence programme is being launched again Linda Anderson is in overall charge and will contact anyone interested and keep us all motivated

Romanian Link Service Project

Closing Hymn 219 Because I have been given Much (copyright restrictions)

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