Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Staycation Hotel

Welcome to the Stay cation Hotel. Guests where greeted by the manager (Mum) and assigned rooms. Miss Ruth Peden was staying in the Princess Suite, Miss Hanna Peden in the angel suite and Mr Adam Peden the super hero suite. they were also greeted by a made bed (miracles can happen in this house)a nicely folded towel with their do not disturb sign, menu planner for breakfast in bed and chocolate on their pillow.

Room Service Breakfast is served.

Ruth giving dad the evil eye and told him to take a picture of the breakfast and not of her morning hair and of course he obliged..... NOT!

Hanna decided on having breakfast in Adams bed as her room was to untidy (not a surprise there them)

Adam enthusiastically wolfing down his breakfast while allowing Hanna to play his DS Lite.

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