Sunday, 26 July 2009

Spiritual Sunday

Elder Patel has really worked up enthusiasm of the members to make a Irvine Ward Choir and they started off with number 98 I need thee every hour.


Opening Prayer by Dorrie Fulton

sadly sister Janet Rae died last Friday at the age of 69

Sacrament Hymn226 Improve the Shinning Moment

Amy Yates 1st speaker spoke about young women values which are

Divine Nature 2 Peter 1:4-7

choice and accountability John

good works 3 Nephi 12:16

integrity Job 27:5

Jack Wilde 2nd speaker spoke of how the Lord's arms are sufficient from a conference talk in April 2009 called "His arm is sufficient"

it was a pleasure to listen to Jack talk with the spirit and love the youth are truly the leaders of tomorrow.

Intermediate hymn 226 Improve The shining Moments

Elder Patel used a talk given by our prophet Thomas S Monson in the April 2009 Conference called "Be your best self"

1. Study diligently

2. Pray fervently

3. Live righteously

2. Importance of praying fervently is to overcome temptation

3. Obedience - avoid hypocrisy

Closing Hymn 243 Let us all Press On

Closing Prayer: Norma Campbell
SUNDAY SCHOOL by Anne Wilson
Opening Prayer: Kirsty Gallacher
Home Family and Personal Enrichment 7pm on 6th August
Women In Zion Likes Eating (Wizel) Thursday 13th of August at 7pm
Stitching Sisters on 29th of July at 12-2pm Isabelle's Home
Enrichment classes going on
Book club
Flower Arranging
Pursuit of Excellence
Cinema Visit
Lesson by Anne Doull from a talk by Elder Bedlam
on Temples
Closing Prayer June Scott

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