Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Ruth's trip to Alton Towers

Ruth looking excited about her trip to Alton Towers

Ruth was awarded a silver certificate for behaviour and outstanding effort at school so as part of her award she was allowed to go on a trip to Alton Towers in England for a day trip. She was very excited and drove me mad with her preparations for the trip we finally decided what she would take and I sent her to bed early as it was going to be a one o'clock in the morning start. We arrived a t school in plenty of time and she met up with some of her friend before she was off.

Ruth's bus is just beyond the two women in the picture just leaving the school

On her return she looked awful, apparently she had traveled about 6 hours when she was sick all over her jacket and Sheryl and over the bus. Apparently she had told the teachers at the beginning that she was a bad traveller ( which she is) and could she sit at the front so she could see where they were going unfortunately they didn't let her so she was about 3 seats back and by the time she tried to get a bag from one of the teachers it was to late. She however was wise enough (thanks to mum to put a fresh T shirt into her bag with wipes) so she was able to change however poor Sheryl had a wiff de sick all day.

Ruth ended up on going on some of the lesser rides deciding before hand she still was feeling a little ill and on the way back the teachers let her sit at the front so there was no problem other than exhaustion. She arrived home 2 hours early (don't ask me what speed they were doing..I dread to think)at 11pm.
PS. I thought it prudent not to document this moment for all time Ruth would never forgive me She looked ill.

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