Monday, 6 July 2009

Ruth's Camp Journal

Ruth gave me permission to upload her camp journal of her Beehive Camp

Camp Journal 2009
Fit for His Kingdom

Dear Camp journal

It is Thursday night today has been a very busy day when we arrived no one else was there apart from my new friends Rachel and Emma they were sisters, so we went for a walk when we got back we were hurried into a nice cool room. I was so thankful for the cold room and a drink as I felt like a puddle on the floor.

In the room we talked about being fit for the kingdom but in the tent we talked about Samon King and Alchemist book (like yugio but cooler) and in the evening we learned how to build fires and to keep them going safely. triangular is the way to go. We had a pamper part were we made face masks, I choose cucumber. Then we went to bed.

Today we got up out of the tent and went to the showers it was great and I really needed it my cucumber mask got a bit messy. I forgot to mention yesterday about the camp pixies, a pixie is somebody who leaves a note in secret everybody got on. I found out that a girl called Rosell was my pixie and there was another Ruth and I was her pixie it was so cool. back to the showers Sheryl had a problem she could not find the button to turn the showers on and when she did it was freezing and then boiling it was funny listening to her scream then we went for breakfast which was great.

After that we went on the obstacle course I was great the first time but the second I fell from the last hurdle and hurt my arm. I could not do some of the activities which made me sad but eventually I tried one and fell another 2 times on the same arm so I was in pain But I survived at night we built a very big bonfire and lite it and toasted marshmallows on it , they were lovely. Oh can't forget the disco we put on with the other young women nor forget the scripture study devotional then went to write our journal. I hope my arm will get better soon it really hurts oh and were sleeping in the cabin tonight.

It's Saturday got up washed went to breakfast, tidied the cabin before room inspection then scripture study /devotional.

Learned how to do some song and knots after we split into two groups each made a map and hid treasure then swapped maps and tried to find treasure.

Lunch yum

We put down the tents and started to clean up then we had an awards ceremony which was great.

Ruth was exhausted when she finally stopped talking and fell asleep where she was and didn't even have the energy to stop me taking photo's

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