Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Packing the car to survive summer

We've loaded the car up with everything we need to have a safe and comfortable summer

2 folding chairs and folding table - for mum and dad and picnics
rug - for children
5 towels - for trips to beech, rivers or just sun bathing
3 children's change of clothing - when and there will be time they get soaked
wipes - for sticky fingers and faces
plastic bags - for interesting nature collections and wet clothes/rubbish
Outdoor play things - to keep mum's sanity for 1/2 an hour
Hats and sunglasses sun lotion - we're in a heat wave after all
bottles of water - again heat wave and cleaning sand of of feet
cooler - for picnic stuff and emergency water
books - for 1/2 an hour peace and family reading
craft items for mum and dad - again mums sanity
camera with extra batteries - to document all for posterity!

can you think of anything else we'll need?

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