Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Our Visit to Kelvinhall Museum

We were here at Kelvin hall Museum in Glasgow for a full days adventure and general rummage through History even if we did have to help Hanna smile about it.

They seemed to really enjoy it except for.....
Ruth (as you can tell by her face) who was appalled by the cruelty to animals to kill them and stuff them so we could gawk at them....

After a while she settled down and enjoyed more of the exhibits

Had a bit of fun playing with masks which sent her into a flurry of notepads and pens to note take on ideas for her next adventure in story writing/cartooning with her dad.

dad thought it was great fun too Hanna thought it was "just sad" and Adam declared them to heavy.. oh well can't please them all..

There was a fab exhibition on for all Doctor who fans (who had to be millionaires for the price of admission was scandalous - needless to say we skipped by that part.

Some of the art ... well I obviously don't get ....why?

The boys were in there element with the armour and guns ( although it's the first time I've seen armour like this mixed with guns) and we even seen the odd portrait of very very distant relations.

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