Saturday, 25 July 2009

First Large Crop from Garden

I got of to an early start this morning and went straight to the harvesting of the garden and the children and then even Sean all joined in with the bounty of this years growth.

Our raised bed before the harvesting of our crops

Digging for any left over potato roots

Our crops

I spent all day picking, sorting, washing, cutting, blanching, cooling, drying and freezing broccoli, kale, cabbage, potatoes, spring onions, red and white onions, garden peas, mint, courgette and cauliflower

Operation Nice

Operation nice Before (in broad daylight with the neighbours near result less than enthusiastic)

Our lettuce was about to seed so we decided to pick it all and share our bounty about. I recently saw a blog called Operation Nice and I loved the idea of doing something nice for someone

Click on the image below to copy tag

So we printed up their tags for the flowers packed up freshly washed lettuce leaves in a plastic sandwich bag clipped the label on to it and set of to share with others. I decided it would be better for the children to give to people who they knew (can't teach children never talk to strangers and then encourage them to approach strangers with a gift) however we were going to do it secretly.

here are some of the 12 families we choose to share with

We got caught twice (Both dad) and will have to wait to see if anyone mentions a nice act and if they did pass it on. I hope they did it gave us much pleasure.

Operation nice After (getting better, but the girls still think its uncool in daylight)
P.S. They are already planning Operation Nice - Phase two, will keep you posted.

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