Tuesday, 21 July 2009

First full day of hols

After a wonderful cooked breakfast outside we decided to go to Cadona's with the children an amusement ride place in Aberdeen.

We went on the haunted train

Waltzers - NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!! This was before we started by the time we finished the last thing anyof us wanted was a photograph

Sean and Ruth went on the runaway train and the pirate boat

Adam Sean and Ruth went on the super glide slide and then we were off to

THE LOG FLUME - A hit with all (except Hanna who was frightened to death with the waltzers however was happy to watch and photograph)

We went on the Grampian Eye and two small children's rides,


and finally the log flumes again

We went for a wee walk down the beach just before we met up with Gran and Papa to go for our evening meal at Johnny Chans

Back home we collapsed in a heap again exhausted but happy!

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