Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Amphibian Antics at Dean Park

Well day one of the summer holidays didn't go quite to plan. However it was still fun and a great time for all the family. The workmen came at 7.30am to get started on our roof so BANG! went our long peaceful lie in however we still tried the kids did get their breakfast in bed however so they were happy - after chores mum got the picnic ready and we were off. We got to Dean Park and had a picnic (In the rain) which was deliciously cool after a hot but cloudy day and had a wonder about the park.

This was the first day I used a wheelchair to help me travel long distances without pain which worked although I did feel rather stupid at times guilty for not getting their under my own steam so to speak however I did love the fact I was on Adam and Hanna's level and they had fun connecting with mum at their level to their was much hilarity at driving mum over the speed bumps Ruth being particularly expert at that and mum screaming like a pig and hanging on for dear life.

Reasonably pain free and able to keep up with the kids

We visited the pets corner and found this lovely big horse the kids were all enamoured with that was until it sneezed and snotered over another wee girl who was in front of them - I've never seen them move so fast

Looking slightly apprehensive ready to jump if another sneeze comes along

Adam and Hanna bothed described the best part of the day as being when they feed the goats daisies - I think they would of spent all day there if they could

We had signed up for an Amphibian Antics afternoon with the rangers and spent our time pond dipping and looking for all sorts of pond life and let me assure you there was a lot Hanna was thoroughly disgusted and finally nominated herself official photographer so she didn't have to empty her net which was jumping with beasties.

Our sensory garden pond was the first stop for pond dipping

Some of our insects we found the Black stick thing is a water skater we also found water boatmen, water snail, water slaters, dragonfly nymphs, midget nymphs

dad supervising pond dipping

we found a water tiger in the second pond and some tadpoles

On the way back we passed the pet corner again and found the male donkey at rest.. so to speak the first thing I knew adam was saying that donkeys got an elephant trunk between its legs and Ruth chips in "thats not an elephants trunk it's ... oh em em mmmm " Hanna goes "that's disgusting" Dad flushes and rushes us all on rapidly and mum takes a turn of the giggles I'm sorry I couldn't help it it all happened so fast and well It obviously appealed to my sence of humour

Not quite as prominant as it was this picture just doesn't do it justice but the kids just cracked me up

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