Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Aberdeen Holiday

Well we are finally off to Aberdeen to visit with gran and papa peden. The kids are itching to get started being up washed and dressed before Sean and I have even stirred even all the chores where done with out murmur. Traveling to Aberdeen took us approximately four hours and we listened to an audio book on the way up. Johnny and the Dead by Terry Pratchett Mum and dad certainly enjoyed it having a bit of a giggle however the children at various points dropped off.

We arrived at Aberdeen around 3pm and decided to have a rest we stopped of at the Aberdeen Science Centre called Stratosphere.

At the fourth attempt to do the 9 box puzzle (with help) dad nearly collapses with Brain fatigue

Dad and Ruth look on with frustration as Adam shows them again how to make the bowl hum....... and again.....and again.... and again until they finally work it out (If at first you don't succeed laugh hysterically at your dad)

Hanna and Ruth's musical debut

Ruth 29, Hanna 24, Dad 24, and Adam 21 Looks like dad is under pressure.

This air machine was the favourite of Hanna's she came back to it time and again in fact they all did

There was an exhibition while we were at the Strtosphere so we took the time to walk round and ruth just couldn't help touching while dad was saying "Look there's a ..whaaaaaaaaaa" she jumped a pure mile tha funniest thing we saw all day..... sorry ruth you know how much I love to share family stories.

Then off to Mintlaw. Here at last, following a lovely meal (gran and papa's cooking is always the best)

we played C S I a game Ruth got for her Christmas and never had enough people to play it we managed two levels before we all cracked up on the whole Papa and Ruth got the right culprit and so did Gran and dad. Mum, Adam and Hanna - hadn't a clue and got it completely wrong..... it was fun and then we collapsed into a heap.

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