Monday, 27 July 2009

Spiritual Challenge

Approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ.
Philippians 1:10
Spiritual Challenges
Keep a personal journal. Record memorable spiritual experiences or events and goals for the future, areas for personal improvement and personal thoughts and feelings.
I have signed up for and I've started today heres hoping I can keep it going I've set reminders for every three days if I forget and as I check my email everyday if possible I should probably write my journal then.

Pursuit of Excellence

Covet earnestly the best gifts; and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way.
1 Corinthians 12:31
Intellectual Challenge Number 2
Develop a new interest in any creative field (such as poetry, fiction, music composition, art, dance, crafts, photography, drama) or in a hobby (such as coin, nature or stamp collection, woodwork, astronomy). Emphasize involvement and participation in an area that is new to you.
As you have probebly worked out a few days ago I got a piano and so learning to play the piano is going to be a long term challenge which will fulfill this challenge and I can hardly wait in fact none of us can wait I've all ready taught basic notes to Ruth and taught her a small exercise I learned from the internet. Keep you in touch with how I'm doing.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Spiritual Sunday

Elder Patel has really worked up enthusiasm of the members to make a Irvine Ward Choir and they started off with number 98 I need thee every hour.


Opening Prayer by Dorrie Fulton

sadly sister Janet Rae died last Friday at the age of 69

Sacrament Hymn226 Improve the Shinning Moment

Amy Yates 1st speaker spoke about young women values which are

Divine Nature 2 Peter 1:4-7

choice and accountability John

good works 3 Nephi 12:16

integrity Job 27:5

Jack Wilde 2nd speaker spoke of how the Lord's arms are sufficient from a conference talk in April 2009 called "His arm is sufficient"

it was a pleasure to listen to Jack talk with the spirit and love the youth are truly the leaders of tomorrow.

Intermediate hymn 226 Improve The shining Moments

Elder Patel used a talk given by our prophet Thomas S Monson in the April 2009 Conference called "Be your best self"

1. Study diligently

2. Pray fervently

3. Live righteously

2. Importance of praying fervently is to overcome temptation

3. Obedience - avoid hypocrisy

Closing Hymn 243 Let us all Press On

Closing Prayer: Norma Campbell
SUNDAY SCHOOL by Anne Wilson
Opening Prayer: Kirsty Gallacher
Home Family and Personal Enrichment 7pm on 6th August
Women In Zion Likes Eating (Wizel) Thursday 13th of August at 7pm
Stitching Sisters on 29th of July at 12-2pm Isabelle's Home
Enrichment classes going on
Book club
Flower Arranging
Pursuit of Excellence
Cinema Visit
Lesson by Anne Doull from a talk by Elder Bedlam
on Temples
Closing Prayer June Scott

Saturday, 25 July 2009

First Large Crop from Garden

I got of to an early start this morning and went straight to the harvesting of the garden and the children and then even Sean all joined in with the bounty of this years growth.

Our raised bed before the harvesting of our crops

Digging for any left over potato roots

Our crops

I spent all day picking, sorting, washing, cutting, blanching, cooling, drying and freezing broccoli, kale, cabbage, potatoes, spring onions, red and white onions, garden peas, mint, courgette and cauliflower

Operation Nice

Operation nice Before (in broad daylight with the neighbours near result less than enthusiastic)

Our lettuce was about to seed so we decided to pick it all and share our bounty about. I recently saw a blog called Operation Nice and I loved the idea of doing something nice for someone

Click on the image below to copy tag

So we printed up their tags for the flowers packed up freshly washed lettuce leaves in a plastic sandwich bag clipped the label on to it and set of to share with others. I decided it would be better for the children to give to people who they knew (can't teach children never talk to strangers and then encourage them to approach strangers with a gift) however we were going to do it secretly.

here are some of the 12 families we choose to share with

We got caught twice (Both dad) and will have to wait to see if anyone mentions a nice act and if they did pass it on. I hope they did it gave us much pleasure.

Operation nice After (getting better, but the girls still think its uncool in daylight)
P.S. They are already planning Operation Nice - Phase two, will keep you posted.

Archaeolink Prehistory Park

We visited Archaeolink Prehistroy Park and had a very interesting look into our past here in scotland.

They even had a shot of making clay pots and beads.

When we arrived back home we were just in time before thunder and lightning struck.
After dinner we visited with Sean's sister Michelle, her husband Eric and sons Stuart and Jamie.
We all had an early night as we were exhausted and we had to travel home the next day.

Lazy Day with Gran and Papa

We had a lovely lazy morning with gran and papa at home and them went for a wonder to Peterhead. We went down the harbour to look at all the fishing boats and found seals which the children where amazed at even saw one of them catch a fish and eat it in front of them.

We went along the beach front and admired the scurries, ducks and other wildlife before we went to visit Dad's cousin Irene.

We went for some last minute shopping in the town center for some back to school clothing thanks to gran and papa for the childrens shoes and things.

And spent a lovely afternoon doing arts and crafts and generally making a big mess of gran's house.

Now thats just scary

Then we had a quiet evening in front of the telly.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

First full day of hols

After a wonderful cooked breakfast outside we decided to go to Cadona's with the children an amusement ride place in Aberdeen.

We went on the haunted train

Waltzers - NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!! This was before we started by the time we finished the last thing anyof us wanted was a photograph

Sean and Ruth went on the runaway train and the pirate boat

Adam Sean and Ruth went on the super glide slide and then we were off to

THE LOG FLUME - A hit with all (except Hanna who was frightened to death with the waltzers however was happy to watch and photograph)

We went on the Grampian Eye and two small children's rides,


and finally the log flumes again

We went for a wee walk down the beach just before we met up with Gran and Papa to go for our evening meal at Johnny Chans

Back home we collapsed in a heap again exhausted but happy!

Aberdeen Holiday

Well we are finally off to Aberdeen to visit with gran and papa peden. The kids are itching to get started being up washed and dressed before Sean and I have even stirred even all the chores where done with out murmur. Traveling to Aberdeen took us approximately four hours and we listened to an audio book on the way up. Johnny and the Dead by Terry Pratchett Mum and dad certainly enjoyed it having a bit of a giggle however the children at various points dropped off.

We arrived at Aberdeen around 3pm and decided to have a rest we stopped of at the Aberdeen Science Centre called Stratosphere.

At the fourth attempt to do the 9 box puzzle (with help) dad nearly collapses with Brain fatigue

Dad and Ruth look on with frustration as Adam shows them again how to make the bowl hum....... and again.....and again.... and again until they finally work it out (If at first you don't succeed laugh hysterically at your dad)

Hanna and Ruth's musical debut

Ruth 29, Hanna 24, Dad 24, and Adam 21 Looks like dad is under pressure.

This air machine was the favourite of Hanna's she came back to it time and again in fact they all did

There was an exhibition while we were at the Strtosphere so we took the time to walk round and ruth just couldn't help touching while dad was saying "Look there's a ..whaaaaaaaaaa" she jumped a pure mile tha funniest thing we saw all day..... sorry ruth you know how much I love to share family stories.

Then off to Mintlaw. Here at last, following a lovely meal (gran and papa's cooking is always the best)

we played C S I a game Ruth got for her Christmas and never had enough people to play it we managed two levels before we all cracked up on the whole Papa and Ruth got the right culprit and so did Gran and dad. Mum, Adam and Hanna - hadn't a clue and got it completely wrong..... it was fun and then we collapsed into a heap.

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