Monday, 22 June 2009

Weathering the storms of Life Exhibition

The Paisley Stake center held a Weathering the storms of Life exhibition over three days last week we popped in to see what was there and was very impressed by demonstations on use of wheat, 72 hours kits, humanitarian aid, debt and money management, food storage etc.

The citizeans advice bureau was represented giving loads of advice on Debt, Tax, Employment, Benifits etc.

There was information from Local Credit Unions (which wasn't my local one) so I checked out my local Union which was First Alliance. and found nothing on the internet. not very helpful mmmm.... requires further investigation.

and leaflets from the church on Provident living Covering things like Paying tithes and Offerings, Avoiding Debt, Using A Budget, Building a reserve and teaching family members. or growing a garden

Non Food emergency kit

We didn't get time to sit in all the workshops unfortunately however we did get to taste some of the wheat receipes and they were delicious.

72 hour kits

Storage ideas

Avoiding debts display

and lots more I learnt an important lesson on preparation and that is always carry extra batteries as I ran out...... typical.

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