Sunday, 7 June 2009

Uk and Ireland Stake Confrence

We had a lovely stake conference up at Ayr (Rabbie Burns country) Conducted by President Robert C Oakes of the 70. The following are the notes I managed to jot down to think about later.

Robert C Oakes :-

  • used 2 scriptures one I never got however it was similar to Romans 2:11 (summery of which is God is no respecter of persons)
  • we have an eternal relationship with our father in heaven he is our spiritual creator and we are his spiritual children

  • We are to be "not a respecter of persons" love ALL sons and daughters the same like the good Samaritan

which reflects the worth of souls to our Heavenly Father

  • the good Samaritan clearly defines who our neighbours are and our responsibility to them
  • Thomas S Monson - continue to search and find less active members reach out to them and bring back to the fold
  • rescue sinking souls and find lost sheep
  • there are to many stories of new converts and immigrants been less than welcome
  • show care for new converts and invite them to come back. Knock on their doors and invite.

Ann Dibb 2nd councillor of General Young Woman Presidency

  • 3 ways to return to Heavenly Father 1/ look to temple 2/ look to prophet 3/ look to Christ
  • 1. look to the temple

  • 2. look to the prophet - open hearts, open ears, read church magazines, incorporate teachings in our lives. listen - make plan -fulfil teachings.

  • 3. look to Christ - Jesus Christ was THE example 3 Nephi it says (roughly) sure foundation of Christ, remember and do, look to the light, listen obey and pray, contrite heart, repent ask forgiveness, have faith.

Did you know:- Ann Dibb is President Thomas S Monson daughter

Cheryl C Lant Primary General President

  • Families can be together forever

  • Satan is working hard to pull families apart

  • How can we strengthen our families to be together forever
  • 1. EVALUATE OUR ACTIVITIES and PRIORITIES - are they drawing us closer to Heavenly Father or into the world. evaluate how we spend our time and resources.
  • 2. COUNSEL TOGETHER AS FAMILIES Family proclamation to the world successful Marriages and families are based on wholesome recreational activities.

  • If we advice our children/teens from scriptures and prophet they will be less likely to argue with you

  • Pray for revelation both individual and family
  • 3. Make and Keep sacred covenants (as stated in family proclamation)
  • FATHERS- magnify priesthood, call family prayers, family home evenings, guide in faithfulness and kindness
  • MOTHERS- nurture children, support husbands build homes of love
  • PARENTS - Walk shoulder to shoulder to build your family

  • CHILDREN- receive direction of parents, leaders and Prophets they do it only because they love you

  • find peace and happiness in our homes and family 3 Nephi 6:14

  • 2 nephi 9:13

Neil L Anderson Quorum of the 12 apostles

  • statement by Brigham Young says that the church would grow.. amongst nations so would the power of Satan rise.

  • we must be more attentive, with firmness and courage

  • if we increase our own personal faith we protect our children
  • we are given inspiration in our lives if we but keep our lives pure and clean.

  • we must continue to minister to those that falter that they may return

  • we must not be casual we worship god with all thy might mind and strength.... love thy neighbour as thy self.... for those who shall lose their life shall find it Jesus.

  • turn our attention to our brothers and sisters

    there is a power in our service that goes into OUR CHILDREN'S hearts

President Dieter F Urfdorf 2nd councilor of 1st presidency

apostle Paul wrote to Romans ... for I am not ashamed in the power of Christ....

  • letter from Paul to timothy This is a time that we should not fear let us not be governed by fear... but of love and sound mind

  • not by fear but of hope and power.

  • Share the plan of Happiness

at this point I became so involved in the talk I forgot to take notes

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