Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ruth's away to Arran

After a morning of sudden panic at what she thought she packed and what wasn't we finally got the girls packed in the car luggage an all for their 5 day trip to Arran with their school.

Arriving at school in plenty of time (for a change) and ready to go, Adam and Hanna had to come along as it was a pre school start for the girls however it gave Hanna a chance to see her soon to be new school close up first hand.
Ruth in good form giving her mum cheek!
For a change it's Adam who is camera shyand Hanna who's chasing Him for his photo opportunity

Then it's all aboard for Arran (Ruth is the blob in the window) and a mad dash to Hanna and Adam's school.
She phoned tonight complaining of a 2 mile hike and how she has a four hour hike possibly up Goat Fell depending on the weather and them a swim at a five class hotel near the youth hostel - and I thought she was roughing it.

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