Thursday, 11 June 2009

Our Summer Activity Chart

I've just finished this years activity chart thanks to the blog Chocolate on my Crainium a great blog I highly recommend and at family home evening we came up with loads of activities most of which are free (pheeeewwww!) with one or two pricier activities. Here is the list we came up with.

Official welcome to Staycation Hotel with breakfast in bed served by mum and dad and even a mint chocolate on your pillow!!!!

For all the family Amphibian Antics 2.30pm – 4pm Dean Castle (free activity at local country park)

For all the family Blooming Boots 2.30 -4 pm Dean Castle

Family Camp – set up a camp site outside gran's and papa's house
Barbeque, toasted marshmallows and camp stories sorry Ruth your going to YW Camp .......

Family Camp – camp breakfast and games and braking down camp Ruthie comes back.

Walk along Saltcoats Beach all the way to Ardrossan Beach let’s see who get’s blisters first.


Hanna’s and Yasmins sleeeeepover why not camp in... set up the tent and both of you sleep there.

Family fun at Hoofs, Claws and Paws – 2.30pm -4pm Dean Castle

Slimmy work at Wormery World 2.30-4pm Dean Castle yuck....
Hanna’s special dinner with message in a bottle – what’s that . you’ll just have to wait and see......

Lets build a Butterfly buffet each to invite them to our garden 2.30pm-4pm dean castle.

Family swimming at the magnum... no drowning mum!

Bat Walk 9pm – 10.30pm Cumnock Woodpark I bags the torch!

Walk in Eglinton Park and to climb the tower to see if rapumzle is at home. Last visit 3.15pm

Adam and Conner’s sleep over you get to set up camp in your room
And sleep in a tent for your sleep over tonight

Drive in Movie – invite your friends to come over to make cars out of boxes for the drive in movie and share popcorn and juice while watching.......................................................................................

Family Swimming at Auchenharvie swimming pool....... get the daddy! get the daddy!

Were looking out for slleping bugs at Snug as a Bug 2.30-4pm Dean Castle
Adam’s special meal with message in a bottle.. you’ll have to wait and see!

Visit the Museum of transport and get to sit on old and new cars, planes, trains and buses

Visit Dalgarvin Mill to find out a little about our local History

Walk at Prestwick Beach and a quick visit to Prestwick airport to watch the planes land and take off.
Visit Archiopedia and take a walk back in history 10am – 5pm and enjoy a picnic

Visit with Auntie Michelle and her family and Granny Richardson

Visit with Uncle Chris and Auntie Diane

Have a full day out at Cadonas riding all the rides you can without being sick remember if your sick YOU clean it up.....

Walk along Ayrs beach and a long play at the outside park

Family swimming at the vikingar 10am -5.30pm with a picnic on Large beach watching the ferries

Let’s check out the Burrell collection 10am-5pm

Ruth’s special meal with a message in a bottle.... you’ll have to wait to.

Invite your friends over for a twilight movie night with a few vampire trimmings.....

Have a sleep over with Sheryl and camp out

Lie in rest day

Have a sleep over with Catherine

Walk along the bike route as far as we can go.

Family swimming at the Magnum its parents revenge .... we’re coming to get you...

Let’s check out the Kelvin Hall Museum 10am-5pm

Let’s rock build your own volcano 2.30 -4pm dean castle

Close encounters 2.30 -4 pm Dean Castle I’m going to be bringing 3 already . my job is done.

Lie in Rest Day

Walk along bike route the opposite way from last week as far as we can.

Bird Man is Back 2.30pm-4pm dean castle squack!!!

Arty Party 2.30 -4pm Dean Castle

Lie in Rest Day

Mums back to school party and dad’s blessings

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