Friday, 19 June 2009

Garden Vandelism and Major disruptions

The front of garden before the scaffolderes moved in getting ready for a major house face lift rendering of the walls and new roof.

Scaffolding in place at the front unfortuanatly it means I can't get acess to my garage with washing machine, idustrail size fridge freezer and dog food.... and even worse ..... I've just had a phone call to say I can have a piano.. a P I A N O I've wan't one for sooooooo long I can play chopsticks when ever I want...except I can't get it in by the gate because of the scaffolding which will be there for at least 4 -6 weeks aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. I can bearly get myself by.. oh dear oh dear oh dear and I've said I'll try and pick it up Sunday. oops.

we've already had problems a plumber who was to slightly extend a pipe before rendering started declared our boiler system was different from every other on the eastate and required knocking a hole through the outside wall to get to a pipe. and a nine year old has already climbed the scaffolding "to get a ball and tried to get into Ruth's romm which of course ruth saw and freaked out. I had to go round to his parents for a little polite chat because as he came down he crunched over on of my vegetable patchs and broke at least 6 onions stems and a load of lettuce I think I was more upset at that after months of trying to grow them.

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