Thursday, 11 June 2009

Family Counsil as part of Family Home Evening

It was family Counsil time again our agenda covered bedtimes, chores, teeth brushing, gardening, healthy eating and exercise,sleep over bedtimes, summer holiday routines, and Summer holiday planning session.

Here is the minutes from the meeting:-

  1. Adam requested help to transplant his sunflower and help to stake it by the fense in the sunshine.

  2. Hanna requested the opportunity to have her own garden and the others asked for the same. It was agreed Hanna would phone Papa to ask for his help and that Ruth would like to grow fruit, Hanna flowers and Adam fruit and vegetables

  3. Bedtimes during the summer Holidays Adam - 8pm bedtime routine starting at 7.30pm Hanna - 9pm bedtime routine starting 8.30pm, Ruth Bedtime 10pm bedtime routine starting at 9.30pm, Mum and Dad to go to bed earlier preferrable at 10.30 start thier bedtime routine. 5/5 carried motion forward

  4. Mum is to make up a teeth brushing reminder poster for am and pm brushing, new brushes were requested for both bathrooms to be labled so thier is no arguments over ownership. Timer to be placed in bathroom for 3 minute showers and 2 minute brushing.

  5. To try harder to have MORNING prayer as well as bedtime family prayer.

  6. Ruth has proposed one take away/fast food meal per month 3/5 carried motion forward she also proposed that new meals continue to be introduced in which the family will grade the meal 3/5 carried the motion forward

  7. Adam has requested a doctors appointment be made for his ears as they are beoming sticy, waxy and his speach is starting to become unclear again

  8. Summer sleepovers - Ruth with bedtime of 11pm would like to have Sheryle over, Terry over, and Catherine over. Hanna would like to invite over Yasmin and Justine with bedtime 10pm And adam would like to try a sleep over with Connor with bedtime 9pm.

  9. Summer Routine:-

Everyone gets by by 10am with the exception of Lie in Rest day

Up and dressed,

Make beds,

open curtains,


empty bins,

bring down washing,

walk the dog

feed the dog,

clean the bathrooms,

water the garden

hoover rooms

all before 11am the rest of the day is thiers

Breakfast will be at 11am by mum

Summer Activity Planner (see separate blog)

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