Monday, 22 June 2009


Sean lead family home evening today. Adam conducting the meeting asking Ruth to start with a prayer, Ruth's friend Sheryl was to say the closing prayer Mum was to conduct the music Hanna choose I am A Child of God for the opening Song and Dad gave the lesson

He was talking about letting go of anger, hate revenge, and lightening the load by forgiveness using large bottles of water to demonstrate the weight of these bad feelings the kids seemed quite impressed.

At the end they couldn't decide which song to sing so they sang both and them we looked up the songs on the internet so we had the songs and words and sang again with a little less la la las. Sisters in Zion and we are of the army of Helaman and as a treat ice cream.

Sunday summery

Bishop Govans was presiding and Jim Ferguson was Conducting


  1. 26th June 7pm Kilmarnock Ward, farewell to mission President Brother Fredrick and his wife.
  2. 27th June 4-6pm Paisley Ward, Primary Talent Show.
  3. There is a new President of Preston Temple Brother Albert Roy and the Matron is Sister Eileen Roy

Opening hymn 280, Welcome welcome sabbath morning

Opening Prayer: Bob Scott

Melchizedek Priesthood certificates given to Josh Ferguson and Luke Garroway

Sacrament Song 169, As Now we take the sacrament


1st speaker Joel Ferguson spoke on the 2 divisions of the priesthood, Aaronic and Melchizedek

2nd Speaker Sister Kay Hackett spoke about Our life on Earth using 2 Nephi 2 :26-27 she discussed that their is a sin of omission as well as a sin of commission which I found quite interesting.

Sister Julie Yates spoke about how the gospel blesses families and used the proclamation of the family and Abraham 2:10, Isaiah 41:10 as references.

Closing Hymn 294, Love At Home

Sunday School
Anne a great teacher used many scriptures during today's lesson as references.
Relief Society
Opening Prayer Sadie Corbett
Rambling Club - Wednesday 6.30pm all to meet at the Bandstand outside the mall. contact Cathie Dunachie for more details
Relief Society temple trip is on the 14-15th August names to be in by today.
two baptism scheduled for next week Diane and Denise next Sunday at 7pm.
Chapter 35 Page 401 taught by Anne Wilson
1 Corinthians 15
God loves all his children and judges all people according to the law they have received.
Jesus offers forgiveness and deliverance to both living and the dead.
Our duty and privilege is to be baptised and confirmed for those who have died without the Gospel.

Weathering the storms of Life Exhibition

The Paisley Stake center held a Weathering the storms of Life exhibition over three days last week we popped in to see what was there and was very impressed by demonstations on use of wheat, 72 hours kits, humanitarian aid, debt and money management, food storage etc.

The citizeans advice bureau was represented giving loads of advice on Debt, Tax, Employment, Benifits etc.

There was information from Local Credit Unions (which wasn't my local one) so I checked out my local Union which was First Alliance. and found nothing on the internet. not very helpful mmmm.... requires further investigation.

and leaflets from the church on Provident living Covering things like Paying tithes and Offerings, Avoiding Debt, Using A Budget, Building a reserve and teaching family members. or growing a garden

Non Food emergency kit

We didn't get time to sit in all the workshops unfortunately however we did get to taste some of the wheat receipes and they were delicious.

72 hour kits

Storage ideas

Avoiding debts display

and lots more I learnt an important lesson on preparation and that is always carry extra batteries as I ran out...... typical.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Missionary Thought

We've had visitors, say hello to Elder Malford and Elder Allan (Scotland Edinburgh LDS Mission) who popped by to spread the word and leaving with us a missionary challenge for the family.

They shared with us some scriptures (sorry the first one I missed) and Section 29:6,7

6 And, as it is written—Whatsoever ye shall ask in faith, being united in prayer according to my command, ye shall receive.

7 And ye are called to bring to pass the gathering of mine elect; for mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts;

and we were invited to reread the steps that had been discussed in a confrence talk by Elder David A Bednar in April 2008 General Confrence

"Ask in Faith" by doing the following

  • Thanking Heavenly Father for the doctrines and ordinances of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, which bring hope and happiness into our lives.

  • Asking for courage and boldness to open our mouths and share the gospel with our family and friends.

  • Entreating Heavenly Father to help us identify individuals and families who will be receptive to our invitation to be taught by the missionaries in our homes.

  • Pledging to do our part this day and this week and petitioning for help to overcome anxiety, fear, and hesitation.

  • Seeking for the gift of discernment—for eyes to see and ears to hear missionary opportunities as they occur.

  • Praying fervently for the strength to act as we know we should.

We shall do our best elders.

Garden Vandelism and Major disruptions

The front of garden before the scaffolderes moved in getting ready for a major house face lift rendering of the walls and new roof.

Scaffolding in place at the front unfortuanatly it means I can't get acess to my garage with washing machine, idustrail size fridge freezer and dog food.... and even worse ..... I've just had a phone call to say I can have a piano.. a P I A N O I've wan't one for sooooooo long I can play chopsticks when ever I want...except I can't get it in by the gate because of the scaffolding which will be there for at least 4 -6 weeks aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. I can bearly get myself by.. oh dear oh dear oh dear and I've said I'll try and pick it up Sunday. oops.

we've already had problems a plumber who was to slightly extend a pipe before rendering started declared our boiler system was different from every other on the eastate and required knocking a hole through the outside wall to get to a pipe. and a nine year old has already climbed the scaffolding "to get a ball and tried to get into Ruth's romm which of course ruth saw and freaked out. I had to go round to his parents for a little polite chat because as he came down he crunched over on of my vegetable patchs and broke at least 6 onions stems and a load of lettuce I think I was more upset at that after months of trying to grow them.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Our Summer Activity Chart

I've just finished this years activity chart thanks to the blog Chocolate on my Crainium a great blog I highly recommend and at family home evening we came up with loads of activities most of which are free (pheeeewwww!) with one or two pricier activities. Here is the list we came up with.

Official welcome to Staycation Hotel with breakfast in bed served by mum and dad and even a mint chocolate on your pillow!!!!

For all the family Amphibian Antics 2.30pm – 4pm Dean Castle (free activity at local country park)

For all the family Blooming Boots 2.30 -4 pm Dean Castle

Family Camp – set up a camp site outside gran's and papa's house
Barbeque, toasted marshmallows and camp stories sorry Ruth your going to YW Camp .......

Family Camp – camp breakfast and games and braking down camp Ruthie comes back.

Walk along Saltcoats Beach all the way to Ardrossan Beach let’s see who get’s blisters first.


Hanna’s and Yasmins sleeeeepover why not camp in... set up the tent and both of you sleep there.

Family fun at Hoofs, Claws and Paws – 2.30pm -4pm Dean Castle

Slimmy work at Wormery World 2.30-4pm Dean Castle yuck....
Hanna’s special dinner with message in a bottle – what’s that . you’ll just have to wait and see......

Lets build a Butterfly buffet each to invite them to our garden 2.30pm-4pm dean castle.

Family swimming at the magnum... no drowning mum!

Bat Walk 9pm – 10.30pm Cumnock Woodpark I bags the torch!

Walk in Eglinton Park and to climb the tower to see if rapumzle is at home. Last visit 3.15pm

Adam and Conner’s sleep over you get to set up camp in your room
And sleep in a tent for your sleep over tonight

Drive in Movie – invite your friends to come over to make cars out of boxes for the drive in movie and share popcorn and juice while watching.......................................................................................

Family Swimming at Auchenharvie swimming pool....... get the daddy! get the daddy!

Were looking out for slleping bugs at Snug as a Bug 2.30-4pm Dean Castle
Adam’s special meal with message in a bottle.. you’ll have to wait and see!

Visit the Museum of transport and get to sit on old and new cars, planes, trains and buses

Visit Dalgarvin Mill to find out a little about our local History

Walk at Prestwick Beach and a quick visit to Prestwick airport to watch the planes land and take off.
Visit Archiopedia and take a walk back in history 10am – 5pm and enjoy a picnic

Visit with Auntie Michelle and her family and Granny Richardson

Visit with Uncle Chris and Auntie Diane

Have a full day out at Cadonas riding all the rides you can without being sick remember if your sick YOU clean it up.....

Walk along Ayrs beach and a long play at the outside park

Family swimming at the vikingar 10am -5.30pm with a picnic on Large beach watching the ferries

Let’s check out the Burrell collection 10am-5pm

Ruth’s special meal with a message in a bottle.... you’ll have to wait to.

Invite your friends over for a twilight movie night with a few vampire trimmings.....

Have a sleep over with Sheryl and camp out

Lie in rest day

Have a sleep over with Catherine

Walk along the bike route as far as we can go.

Family swimming at the Magnum its parents revenge .... we’re coming to get you...

Let’s check out the Kelvin Hall Museum 10am-5pm

Let’s rock build your own volcano 2.30 -4pm dean castle

Close encounters 2.30 -4 pm Dean Castle I’m going to be bringing 3 already . my job is done.

Lie in Rest Day

Walk along bike route the opposite way from last week as far as we can.

Bird Man is Back 2.30pm-4pm dean castle squack!!!

Arty Party 2.30 -4pm Dean Castle

Lie in Rest Day

Mums back to school party and dad’s blessings

Family Counsil as part of Family Home Evening

It was family Counsil time again our agenda covered bedtimes, chores, teeth brushing, gardening, healthy eating and exercise,sleep over bedtimes, summer holiday routines, and Summer holiday planning session.

Here is the minutes from the meeting:-

  1. Adam requested help to transplant his sunflower and help to stake it by the fense in the sunshine.

  2. Hanna requested the opportunity to have her own garden and the others asked for the same. It was agreed Hanna would phone Papa to ask for his help and that Ruth would like to grow fruit, Hanna flowers and Adam fruit and vegetables

  3. Bedtimes during the summer Holidays Adam - 8pm bedtime routine starting at 7.30pm Hanna - 9pm bedtime routine starting 8.30pm, Ruth Bedtime 10pm bedtime routine starting at 9.30pm, Mum and Dad to go to bed earlier preferrable at 10.30 start thier bedtime routine. 5/5 carried motion forward

  4. Mum is to make up a teeth brushing reminder poster for am and pm brushing, new brushes were requested for both bathrooms to be labled so thier is no arguments over ownership. Timer to be placed in bathroom for 3 minute showers and 2 minute brushing.

  5. To try harder to have MORNING prayer as well as bedtime family prayer.

  6. Ruth has proposed one take away/fast food meal per month 3/5 carried motion forward she also proposed that new meals continue to be introduced in which the family will grade the meal 3/5 carried the motion forward

  7. Adam has requested a doctors appointment be made for his ears as they are beoming sticy, waxy and his speach is starting to become unclear again

  8. Summer sleepovers - Ruth with bedtime of 11pm would like to have Sheryle over, Terry over, and Catherine over. Hanna would like to invite over Yasmin and Justine with bedtime 10pm And adam would like to try a sleep over with Connor with bedtime 9pm.

  9. Summer Routine:-

Everyone gets by by 10am with the exception of Lie in Rest day

Up and dressed,

Make beds,

open curtains,


empty bins,

bring down washing,

walk the dog

feed the dog,

clean the bathrooms,

water the garden

hoover rooms

all before 11am the rest of the day is thiers

Breakfast will be at 11am by mum

Summer Activity Planner (see separate blog)

After family council yesterday the kids wanted to have there own little bit of garden so we phoned papa who came to the rescue with old fish boxes and lots of seeds and a small selection of veg and flowers

Hanna has planted runner beans, ..... on no I can't remember ...... another seed anyway and in the centre a small selection of grasses and ferns.

Even Ruth got right into the compost and planted a mixture of lettuce, chrysanthemum and a seed or two.

Adam loved getting right into the compost

Adam even drew a design on the side of his fish box before using it.

Hanna preparing the compost ready for her plants

definitely enjoying much more than I considered, they all seem keen to take a share of watering the garden especially there own.

Dad (who is not a Gardner) is supervising the chaos

Monday, 8 June 2009

Teacher Thank You Gifts and Letters

I'm skint - as usual so I've had to think very carefully how to best give all the teachers (and there is many) a great big thank you for helping the children this year so I came up with this.

In primark I found tubs of pinapple body soufle for 50p each which with a little bit of effort could look really pretty. I used scrapbook background of the appropriate colour and cut it into strips to go reound the edge held in place with a little double sided tape and a circle for the top of the pot.

I used thin wrapping ribbon and wrapped like a parcel and used a oval label which I printed from on the lable I wrote "Thank You" and with it I sent a letter.

There was also many classroom assistants and early intervention teachers who also worked hard with the children I came up with the idea of a bar of soap. ooh I know it sounds quite a poor idea however I wrapped each bar of soap in greaseproof paper and using a thin strip of scrapbook patterned paper I wrapped like a ribbon round the gift finally using the oval printable tag with the short poem of

"You have raised the BAR this year. You are a great teacher"

This is the letter I am sending to my childrens teachers. I have to admit I used the lovely words of another mother however I could not of put my feelings into more beautifull words

Dear Teachers of my kids,

First I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for what has been a great year beyond our every expectation. Thank you for discussing important things and your willingness too to chat about the seemingly less important things. Thank you for your love of teaching, your love of my children, your interest in all they brought to your classroom and your seemingly unending level of patience for expressing and extending that love and interest over the course of an entire day to a room full of kids. I thank you for your embracing of all that they are; the good, the bad and the not so very pretty sometimes. And for your physical embraces too which I know have been forbidden or at least discouraged in too many schools these days.

This year my own kids have come home so full of all they have learned from you - from the books and lessons you brought their way and from the other lessons too that have absolutely nothing to do with books. Your tolerance levels and your teaching of tolerance through your words and actions. Your ability to prioritize on a real life basis without making the rulebook the guiding force. Your joyfulness about so much of it and the way you really showed it on a pure and authentic level. The way you truly got them - on an individual basis - and the way you shined a new light on them and allowed me to see them in a new light too.

I don't know whether all the kids came home feeling as full up as my kids have this year, but if it's true, if an entire classroom of kids can be made to feel as special as you have made my kids feel, then you are truly of another species. And you have definitely chosen the right profession. Because it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, that it is a gift that you have. And a rare one at that.

We will miss you next year as we begin in a new room with a new set of kids and a new teacher at the helm. I'm sure we will have some good times ahead but I know too that we will never have another this year. And this year will truly go down in our family record books as one of the best school year's ever. Not so much for grades earned, or accomplishments measured, although there was surely a lot of that too, but because my kids, and me too, really fell in love with you as a teacher and as a person too.

We wish you a happy and easy summer. And we hope this year has been as good for you as it was for us.

Much love,

The Peden Family

Sunday, 7 June 2009

A tour round dad's Garden

Hanna taught me to press flowers

Take one flower (this one is a poppy from Papa's Garden) Remove the pollen stems

Open up the petels and place on newspaper in a thick book (telephone directory)
Like So....
Press down firmly
Add additional weight and leave for a week

Summer Activity Planner Chart

I got the idea for a summer activity chart from Chocolate on My Cranium a fabulous blog in which she also gives ideas for putting on the chart for activities to do throughout the summer holidays. I tried it out last year and it worked quiet well the children got very excited about it and seem to be excited about it this year to.

Hanna shouting advise to dad on his boat while waiting for paint to dry

Hanna and I've been very busy this weekend we have chose the theme of Pirates for our summer poster this year. We started by taking a piece of wallpaper the size we wanted the poster. Using a wax candle we drew on waves to give the sea effect then painted over it using watery blue paint to see the wax wave relief underneath so that was the basic poster.

Dad with the base of his pirate boat

Dad drew and coloured in a pirate boat in other paper and we stuck it onto our poster using double sided padded tape to give it a 3d effect.

Hanna placing her Pirate flag designs on the floor

Hanna designed pirate flags which we will be putting our daily activity on the back with a number on the flag similar to an advent but using the date. Well be finishing of the painting tomorrow at family home evening.

Uk and Ireland Stake Confrence

We had a lovely stake conference up at Ayr (Rabbie Burns country) Conducted by President Robert C Oakes of the 70. The following are the notes I managed to jot down to think about later.

Robert C Oakes :-

  • used 2 scriptures one I never got however it was similar to Romans 2:11 (summery of which is God is no respecter of persons)
  • we have an eternal relationship with our father in heaven he is our spiritual creator and we are his spiritual children

  • We are to be "not a respecter of persons" love ALL sons and daughters the same like the good Samaritan

which reflects the worth of souls to our Heavenly Father

  • the good Samaritan clearly defines who our neighbours are and our responsibility to them
  • Thomas S Monson - continue to search and find less active members reach out to them and bring back to the fold
  • rescue sinking souls and find lost sheep
  • there are to many stories of new converts and immigrants been less than welcome
  • show care for new converts and invite them to come back. Knock on their doors and invite.

Ann Dibb 2nd councillor of General Young Woman Presidency

  • 3 ways to return to Heavenly Father 1/ look to temple 2/ look to prophet 3/ look to Christ
  • 1. look to the temple

  • 2. look to the prophet - open hearts, open ears, read church magazines, incorporate teachings in our lives. listen - make plan -fulfil teachings.

  • 3. look to Christ - Jesus Christ was THE example 3 Nephi it says (roughly) sure foundation of Christ, remember and do, look to the light, listen obey and pray, contrite heart, repent ask forgiveness, have faith.

Did you know:- Ann Dibb is President Thomas S Monson daughter

Cheryl C Lant Primary General President

  • Families can be together forever

  • Satan is working hard to pull families apart

  • How can we strengthen our families to be together forever
  • 1. EVALUATE OUR ACTIVITIES and PRIORITIES - are they drawing us closer to Heavenly Father or into the world. evaluate how we spend our time and resources.
  • 2. COUNSEL TOGETHER AS FAMILIES Family proclamation to the world successful Marriages and families are based on wholesome recreational activities.

  • If we advice our children/teens from scriptures and prophet they will be less likely to argue with you

  • Pray for revelation both individual and family
  • 3. Make and Keep sacred covenants (as stated in family proclamation)
  • FATHERS- magnify priesthood, call family prayers, family home evenings, guide in faithfulness and kindness
  • MOTHERS- nurture children, support husbands build homes of love
  • PARENTS - Walk shoulder to shoulder to build your family

  • CHILDREN- receive direction of parents, leaders and Prophets they do it only because they love you

  • find peace and happiness in our homes and family 3 Nephi 6:14

  • 2 nephi 9:13

Neil L Anderson Quorum of the 12 apostles

  • statement by Brigham Young says that the church would grow.. amongst nations so would the power of Satan rise.

  • we must be more attentive, with firmness and courage

  • if we increase our own personal faith we protect our children
  • we are given inspiration in our lives if we but keep our lives pure and clean.

  • we must continue to minister to those that falter that they may return

  • we must not be casual we worship god with all thy might mind and strength.... love thy neighbour as thy self.... for those who shall lose their life shall find it Jesus.

  • turn our attention to our brothers and sisters

    there is a power in our service that goes into OUR CHILDREN'S hearts

President Dieter F Urfdorf 2nd councilor of 1st presidency

apostle Paul wrote to Romans ... for I am not ashamed in the power of Christ....

  • letter from Paul to timothy This is a time that we should not fear let us not be governed by fear... but of love and sound mind

  • not by fear but of hope and power.

  • Share the plan of Happiness

at this point I became so involved in the talk I forgot to take notes

Friday, 5 June 2009

Ruth's Back........

and extremely crabbit. However we are still glad to have her home. She seems to have had a very exciting time, swimming, kiacking, absailing, driving a speedboat, walking, walking, walking and a visit to Brodick Castle. She's slept most of the evening (and is still crabbit.)

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Towerlands Sports Day

Sean and I went to see Hanna and Adam at their school sports day
Hanna's teacher Mrs Bigham

Adam is right in the middle of his class besides his friend Billy with the dreadlocks

Hanna looking anxious but ready to go.

Hanna's Flat Race

Hanna's Obstacles Race

Adam's Skipping Race

Adam's Flat Race

We've had a phone call from Ruth she has spent the day kiacking, speed boating where she got to drive it herself tomorrow she's hoping to do mountain biking and abseiling.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

More Fun in the Sun

Adam and his best friend and neighbour Connor getting ready for the dip!
then had great fun swimming.

Family Home Evening without Ruth

Its weird doing family home evening without ruth and the wee ones where really feeling it so we dropped the planned lesson and went for pure family fum instead to cheer them up. We ate out at KFC's and bought a paddling pool and had a lot of water fum and even Hanna's friend Danielle came to join us.

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