Sunday, 31 May 2009

Plant order arrived at last...

Lettuce, French Runner Beans, Kale, Carrots, Broad Beans, Giant red Mustard

Potatoes, Rabbage, Runner beans, Beetroot,

potatoes, lettuce, Cabbage, Beetroot and a later crop of potatoes

Leeks, Cauliflower, Kale, Spring Onions

This is my early crop Lettuce that just keeps on giving, chives, mint, red onions, white onions and early crop of tatties

Last friday my small vegetable garden order finally came so dad and I got planting quick time getting all those precious little roots comfortable in warm moist soil toots sweet. It looks pretty good even if I do say so ...Its been a few days since they were planted and it seems that all the plants with the exception of the rhubarb crown have settled in and growing fast I'm still hopeing for the rhubarb though give it another week see if it makes any difference. I now have 5 beds just ablout full of veges at the front garden and that will probably be my limit for this year were having the counsil in in the next few weeks to recast the outside of my house and to do my roof so all garden furniture and trampolines etc have marching orders for a bit just hope the stems don't get damaged with all the workmen and scaffolding.!!!

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