Monday, 25 May 2009

My Cousin's Wedding Reception

It was great to meet up with family in Glasgow to celebrate the wedding of my cousin Karen and Her man Paul

My Mum's Brother Neil and his daughter Lynsey

Lynsey and her brother Kenneth (Dr)

Sean and I dancing - I know what a sight

Karen and her new husband Paul

A family picturefrom left to right Karen's little brother Graham, little sister Louise, Karen, Paul thier daughter Ciara (little girl in the front) Karens little brother Andrew and andrews girlfriend |Carol and her daughter.

Kenneth and his girlfriend with Lynsey and their dad Neil

Mum with my cousin Andrew

Alec my (mum's sister's Sheena's husband)looking very uncomfortable at these family events not quite the same without Sheena.

Dad in the middle there with his cool mod look - will tease him about that later.

Mum and Dad

mum and dad in the fore ground and my cousins graham (Karen's brother) and scott (alec and sheena's eldest boy) in the background

mum and dad with Ross my cousin and brother to scott.

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