Monday, 25 May 2009

Gold and Green Ball in Paisley Stake

It was Ruth's first Gold and Green Ball which is for 14 + members of the church and friends (Ruth's 13 however beehives were invited this year)

We made a mistake of the time so arrived early however it gave us time to enjoy the decorations and choose our seats

Ruth met for the first time Catherine who just moved up from England and seem to have made great friends with Ruth.

Ashley was going through the arch at her gradualtion from Young Women into the Relief Society.

The stake President wanted to be part of tne gang.

The three girls spent the night talking not dancing however they all seemed to have fun.

Dad has had enough...........He's getting old.

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ashbash91 said...

heya. We should hve probly went up and danced more bt then i wiz up a few times as i gt took up once then i was dancing wae george for one of the dances.


love you loads

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