Sunday, 31 May 2009

Plant order arrived at last...

Lettuce, French Runner Beans, Kale, Carrots, Broad Beans, Giant red Mustard

Potatoes, Rabbage, Runner beans, Beetroot,

potatoes, lettuce, Cabbage, Beetroot and a later crop of potatoes

Leeks, Cauliflower, Kale, Spring Onions

This is my early crop Lettuce that just keeps on giving, chives, mint, red onions, white onions and early crop of tatties

Last friday my small vegetable garden order finally came so dad and I got planting quick time getting all those precious little roots comfortable in warm moist soil toots sweet. It looks pretty good even if I do say so ...Its been a few days since they were planted and it seems that all the plants with the exception of the rhubarb crown have settled in and growing fast I'm still hopeing for the rhubarb though give it another week see if it makes any difference. I now have 5 beds just ablout full of veges at the front garden and that will probably be my limit for this year were having the counsil in in the next few weeks to recast the outside of my house and to do my roof so all garden furniture and trampolines etc have marching orders for a bit just hope the stems don't get damaged with all the workmen and scaffolding.!!!

Heat Wave in Scotland ..... or at least it feels like it!

Getting Ready

Hanna's of to a quick start

Adam's revenge

It's so HOT 22 degrees apparently and we are really feeling it so we had dinner with gran and papa in the garden and came home for a water fight followed by family reading while we all dried off even the dog got a wash with the garden hose much to her displeasure....the garden seems to be enjoying it my plants seem to be gorwing rapidly.

It's Us against the World

Feeling slightly damp

Hanna's Blog

Recently when we went to parents afternoon at school we were discussing Hanna's educational recquirements with her dyslexia hanna foind it very difficult to read, write and count particularly write. We discussed how she hates homework lothes it in fact and would hide her jotters and book and huff and sometomes even become very upset when she had to do ot at home so b=we have decided on a different approach for her - she loves the computer in particular girly games so it was decided that we would use computer games and resources on the internet everynight after school for as long as Hanna had attention for it and so far it has worked a treat. I set up a blog for Hanna to record everything she is doing at school at home and at play so she can see a long list of achievements along side I have placed homework links to safe educational sites and games she can click on to and a readers book shelf so when she finishes a book it goes on the bookshelf along with a review by hanna if she likes it or not. At the moment most of the tyoing is done by mum however any typing hanna does is in red.

Hanna's Blog

Monday, 25 May 2009

My Cousin's Wedding Reception

It was great to meet up with family in Glasgow to celebrate the wedding of my cousin Karen and Her man Paul

My Mum's Brother Neil and his daughter Lynsey

Lynsey and her brother Kenneth (Dr)

Sean and I dancing - I know what a sight

Karen and her new husband Paul

A family picturefrom left to right Karen's little brother Graham, little sister Louise, Karen, Paul thier daughter Ciara (little girl in the front) Karens little brother Andrew and andrews girlfriend |Carol and her daughter.

Kenneth and his girlfriend with Lynsey and their dad Neil

Mum with my cousin Andrew

Alec my (mum's sister's Sheena's husband)looking very uncomfortable at these family events not quite the same without Sheena.

Dad in the middle there with his cool mod look - will tease him about that later.

Mum and Dad

mum and dad in the fore ground and my cousins graham (Karen's brother) and scott (alec and sheena's eldest boy) in the background

mum and dad with Ross my cousin and brother to scott.

Gold and Green Ball in Paisley Stake

It was Ruth's first Gold and Green Ball which is for 14 + members of the church and friends (Ruth's 13 however beehives were invited this year)

We made a mistake of the time so arrived early however it gave us time to enjoy the decorations and choose our seats

Ruth met for the first time Catherine who just moved up from England and seem to have made great friends with Ruth.

Ashley was going through the arch at her gradualtion from Young Women into the Relief Society.

The stake President wanted to be part of tne gang.

The three girls spent the night talking not dancing however they all seemed to have fun.

Dad has had enough...........He's getting old.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

tomorrows family home evening

This family home evening idea was borrowed from family home evening blogspot

Family Home Evening Idea from Elder Gary E. Stenenon's talk on Sacred Homes Holy Temples
Either read Elder Stevenen's talk or listen to it to know the points you want to bring out to your family. Here are some additional thoughts and resources.

1. Tell about the experience Elder Stevenson told, "You are never lost when you can see the temple." His story took place in Cache Valley. Drive around Logan and have children look for the temple and see if they know where they are by spotting the temple. Sing I love to see the temple. You can end your drive by stopping at the temple. On a day that the temple is open, you can take children to the temple to "touch the temple" as Elder Stevenson suggested. You can also take pictures of family on one of the benches near the temple with the temple in the background. Display the picture in the home to remind family members to treat the home and each other as a Holy place like the temple.

2. Younger children can use play tools as they sing, "My Eternal Family." This song can be found in the Children's Sacrement Meeting Program. You can also see it in American Sign Language or just listen to the tune. There is also a sharing time presentation on building a house of God.

3. Take a virtual tour of your home using the words Elder Stevenson used. Have a family member read as everyone takes the tour with their eyes closed. Ask whether the home needs an extreme home makeover or just simple home improvements.

Last weeks family home evening

This family Home evening idea came from

Family Home Evening Ideas Using Elder Hales' Talk on Provident Living
There are several ways you can plan a family home evening idea around Elder Hales' talk from this recent April General Conference. You can choose from the following ideas, or at least these can trigger impressions about what might work best for your family.

1. Depending on the ages of family members, you can talk about budgets and some aspects about your own family budget that family members can feel a part of. The church has excellent resources for teaching about budgets, such as the pamphlet, One For the Money or All is Safely Gathered In. You could also just show a basic budget worksheet and have family members write up their own budget.

2. You could also plan a "dream vacation" like Elder Scott's family planned and have family members help contribute by foregoing things they want now for something they can all enjoy later.

3. Elder Hales said that the three most loving words are "I love you" and the most caring words are, "We can't afford it." Introduce the idea for family night that whenever a family member says "We can't afford it," they are really letting you know how much they care. When a child asks for something that is not necessary, a family member can say, "I care about you too much."

4. Talk about addiction and ask family members to name forms of addiction. Then mention that Elder Hales added "unnecessary spending" (which is a result of coveting) as an addiction that needs to be overcome using the same process as any other addiction. The way to overcome is through mighty change, by applying the atonement of Jesus Christ.

5. For younger children you can talk about the difference between earthly treasures and heavenly treasures. Read Matthew 6:19-20. You can even create an earthly treasure box and a heavenly treasure box and have items written on pieces of paper that family members choose and then decide if it is an earthly treasure or a heavenly treasure. Put them in the correct treasure box. Then you can create a heavenly treasure box to put handouts from church in and look through the box on Sundays to learn more about our heavenly treasures.

6. Younger children can read the story of the sermon on the mount.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Eurovision Song Contest Fever at the Peden House

Normally we don't even watch the eurovision however this year I decided to give it a go, we quickly decided it was between us (UK) and Norway although there were a few others I quite liked and some I hated.

Sean and Ruth got a little excited at the results time and spent there time running back and forward to the computer to see the contries all in the world.

Coming in 5th was not to bad however secretly Norway was the best !!!!

A weekend at Preston Temple..... pure spiritual relaxation

Some beautiful views from outside the Preston Temple in England a little piece of heaven on earth.

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