Monday, 6 April 2009

Saturday afternoon Confrence

179th Annual General Conference my notes
Saturday pm session

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Temples 128
Over 13 million members

M Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the 12
Learn lessons from the past
We are in the middle of our own Pride cycle
Quinton L Cook of the Quorum of the 12

Stumbling blocks to others faith
• When members DON’T live the gospel
• Misunderstanding doctrine
Do not judge others or other religions
Love, teach and never give up
Charles Dickens went on the ship Amazon to try and discredit LDS converts however after talking and watching them he discovered that LDS people were misunderstood and misrepresented

Kevin W Pearson of the Quorum of the 70

Teach children to understand doctrine
Faith - doing word not just belief
If we do not give our children faith in Christ we have given them little.
By teaching them by example of precept to be casual of faith in Christ we block their growth.
Personal righteousness is a CHOICE.
There is opposition in faith in order to give us choice.
I Believe, Help thou my unbelief
Is my faith negative or positive?
We get what we focus on consistently
Personal Attributes we must change Destructive D’s
• Doubt
• Discouragement
• Despair
• Distraction
• Diligence (reduced)
• Disappointment
• Disobedience
• Disbelief

Moroni 7:33
Chose to live by faith and not fear

Rafael E Pino of the Quorum of the 70
The only true source of comfort in our lives during adversity is the Lord
Adversity is the time to show loyalty to God
There is no tragedy in death but only in sin
If our life is centered on the Saviour and his teachings things will not be permanently wrong

Richard G Scott of the quorum of the 12
TEMPLES- Visit regularly
Set goals
• When you can and will attend - then do not intervene with those plans
• How to get more benefit for temple attendance
• Understand the atonement and temple endowments
• Prayerful expression of gratitude for blessings
• Schedule regular visits and leave time to enjoy the peace
• Be mindful of person you are doing work on behalf of.
Never ask WHY but ask what am I to learn from this experience (when dealing with adversity)
Never complain when adversity strikes when we are living worthy.

Russell M Nelson of the quorum of the 12

• Open with Salutation
• Respect and worshipful attitude
• Request for spiritual nourishment as well as physical
• Pray in the name of Jesus Christ.
• Pray for unity to be of one heart with loved ones
• Pray for others
• We should pray for the Holy Ghost in our own lives and for others.
• Prayer begins with individual initiative
Do prayers with Faith and Trust

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