Monday, 6 April 2009

General Confrence Weekend

We decided the little ones would be better off with gran this time she would be watching the conference at home so if they became unsettled they could get up and move around however Ruth Sean and myself would complete all conference sessions we were invited to. This began with Ruth’s Young Women Conference broadcast from Ayr Ward followed by Saturday Morning Broadcast.

We arrived in good time and dad and I settled down to listen to conference in the quite room allowing Ruth her independence in going with other young women however she came back in a flurry saying no other young women had came...................

Ruth and I went into conference accompanied by a Stake Young Women leader and her husband. It was a wonderful meeting, at one point we were both in tears and frequently sat hugging each other and I can honestly say we shared a beautiful spirit between us. The fact that Ruth sat alone during conference brought some of the messages to us stronger to stand up for righteousness even when we seem to be on our own. I am so glad I choose to accompany Ruth into Young Women Conference I am sure I learned more that she did and feel lifted and ready to knuckle down to living the gospel the way my Saviour would have me.

For full YW Confrence 2009

Young Women Conference 2009 Ruth and my notes

Sister Ann M Dibb, 2nd Councillor of Young Women Presidency

• Read the scriptures with application
• Be positive and don’t whine
• Show respect
• Show gratitude
• Be more orderly
• Repent
• Increase my commitment to be an example of the believers
Alma 5 –
Personal Progress – set your goals high
Faith will be strengthened as you follow the young women progress
Become an exemplary women
Small things you do today will magnify into great things for tomorrow
Sister Mary N Cook, 1st Councillor of Young Women

• Remain pure and virtuous – maintain high moral standards
• Aim for celestial marriage
1 Nephi 8
• Study and listen carefully to hold to standards and follow the prophets
• Hold to the standards in the For Strength of Youth
1. Pray morning and evening every day
2. Read the book of Mormon for 5 minutes every day
Always carry 2 For the Strength of Youth pamphlets one for yourself and one for those who ask questions or tease you about your standards so they understand.

Sister Elaine S Dalton, Young Women General President

• Virtuous Men are attracted to Virtuous Women
• VIRTUE a standard to all nations
• Never before have virtue and purity been needed as in this time
• Call to return to moral purity, especially sexual purity

Doctrine and Covenants 25 – walk in the paths of virtue
You are a Daughter of God

“Strength of Zion is in the virtue of sons and daughters” President Thomas S Monson

Be a “Queen of her own Body” President David O MacKay


Thomas S Monson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

COURAGE: refraining from judging others
Be Chaste and Virtuous
Stand for Truth and Righteousness
• Cease to find fault
• Do NOT avoid or be unkind to those who seem different
• “If you judge people you have no time to love” Mother Theresa
• Wo unto them that call evil good and good evil
• Commandments are not negotionable
• NO! NO! Slogans will not save us
• 10 commandments are not 10 suggestions
• Patriarchal Blessings – be guided and live to merit it’s promises
• Live Clean Lives uncleanness leads to suffering and destruction
• Testimony needs to be firmly planted
• I am Not ashamed of the power of God (Paul)

Between confrences dad tried to refresh himself after working all morning

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