Monday, 6 April 2009

60th Birthday Surprise Dinner for Dad

Preparations: - I made table mats by scrapbooking pictures of my dad from a little boy through his life I used wedding printable found on Cannon Creative Park

I got favours that were little tuxedos filled with chocolates and put little personalised notes using the same scrapbooking style into each favour.

I made little place tags again with the same stationary theme

And finished off with a lovely big banner I got from one of my favourite blog sites yet which one I could not tell you now, sorry and finished it off with the same scrapbooking trims which was fabulous.

We did have a few laughs thought Adam bless his heart sat trying ever so hard to use his knife and fork and after chasing his dinner round the plate for 5 minutes dad eventually said just use your fingers son and Adam replied it’s not polite to eat with your fingers in a posh restraunt and went back to chasing his food.

And Ruthie our natural disaster managed to get into trouble again...... and wicked mum just had to take evidence because no one would honestly believe it if I told them

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