Saturday, 25 April 2009

Our Easter Celebrations

Its easter time and we even had decent weather so after church we went to Eglinton park to roll(or throw) our eggs and have a family picnic interupted with football and racing great family fum with my mum and dad, sean, and ruth Hanna and Adam.

Suit, Shirt and Tie cards

This was taught to me at stitchen sisters by Isabelle. Thanks Isabelle.

1. Gather up the materials you need for the card. Start with black card (or a suit colour, Plain white paper (or another colour if you prefer a coloured shirt, small piece of coloured/patterned paper for tie or a piece of ribbon for a bow tie if wish, scissors, ruler and double sided tape or paper glue.

2. Measure the length of your black card and divide by four. Measure in from each long side the number you have worked out and using the ruler fold. This should give you a card folded into three with two short sides at the front and a large back.

3. Measure a few cms from inside edge of each front side and using ruler line up to 3/4 the way down the card and fold giving you the shape of the suit lapels.

4. From the wide end of the lapels snip out a triangel to give the correct shape of lapels your looking for.

5. Now using a ruler measure the back of the card and cuta slightly smaller size in the white paper. This is for the shirt.

6. Fold gently the white paper in half long ways pinching only the top cm or so then lay flat again.

7. snip down the folded line a cm or so.

8. from the snip measure in a cm or so and fold to create shirt collars.

9. On a separate piece of white paper mark a column roughly the width of a ruler and cut. This will be the area for the shirt buttons.

10. Fold similarly as the black card (although you don't have to be to precise)

11. Use doubled sided tape on the short sides.

12. Tape in place in the centre of the card underneath the collar.

13. Tape the back of the white shirt with double sided tape onto the back of the inside of the black card.

14. This is the basic suit and shirt card from now on you can use as much imagination as you wish. You can craete a bow with ribbon to create a bow tie for the elegant card off course add a small artificial flower in the lapel or a triangle of paper for a handkerchief. Or the use of stickers or jewels for a tie pin. Or you can create a plain tie for a great fathers day card or birthday card for a man.

Make a small template with a separate knot and tie area and use double sided tape to place into place.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Charity Update

The hats scarfs and gloves will all be placed into shoe boxes with other goodies for the shoe box appeal in the Autumn

Hat and scarf set which can be worn with the fingerless gloves (Below) plain knit for Scarf:-
Cast on 25st Knit until good length for agegroup and cast of simple.
for Hat:-

for fingerless gloves:-

Same hat this time with a mohair type wool and shorter wider scarf secured with a button.

Small quilt suitable for young child or baby for the Linus Project.

A day with Hanna

We've spent a very entertaining weekend with our eldest daughter at the general confrence "camping out" with out tent and reaping the spiritual harvest now I felt it was time to have some one on one time with my middle daughter Hanna.

We started by shopping together for compost for our garden.

and placing it just so for our planters,

Cooking dinner, making cheese cake, marzipan bunnys

and an easter egg wreath. Add a nice long adventure down the beach and we were all exhausted and had a great time.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Sunday Afternoon General Conference

Sunday afternoon Conference Notes

For Sunday Afternoon confrence

Dallen H Oaks of the quorum of the 12
Deny ourselves of selfish interest to serve others
Unselfish service
Modest Dress
Go to church with the attitude to serve activity and not sit and be preached to.

David A Bednar of the quorum of the 12
Temple preparation
Blessing of Temple Alma 26:5-6, Doctrine and Covenants 84:19-21, Doctrine and Covenants 10:43
Get a better understanding of the protection of our temple endowments
Study and ponder - Doctrine and Covenants 101:65
Teach children to be worthy and steadfast and aim for the temple

Gary E Stevenston of the quorum of the 70
You are never lost when you can see the temple
Adult members to be temple recommend holders
Try and replace some activities with temple service
Youth to prepare to be able to serve as proxy in the temple
Prepare young children to visit and touch the temple
Use spiritual eyes to visualize your own home
Do you have Personal Gospel Study Space, appropriate music, appropriate conversation
Set standards for our homes – establish a house of faith........ Build a spiritual mansion.

Jose A Teixeira of the 70
Choice – moroni 7:13
Our lives depend on the decisions we make for those decisions we make our destiny

F Michael Watson of the 70
Wisdom by others can guide us learn from others experience

Spencer W Kimball taught us the Miracle of Forgiveness

Ezra Taft Benson taught us the Book of Mormon is the most correct of any book

Howard W Hunter taught us live with more attention to the life and example of the Lord Jesus Christ and be temple worthy

Gordon B Hinkley taught the importance of temple worship

L Tom Perry of the quorum of the 12
Sometimes we seem to be missing in action
Missionary work - member orientated programme is the key to spreading the gospel
Doctrine and Covenants 88:81 and warn your neighbour
Fellowship over an extended period of time
Doctrine and Covenants 33:7-8 we must open our mouths
Doctrine and Covenants 4
Open your mouth 3 times 1. Bear testimony 2. Testify of the first Vision and of Joseph Smith 3 testify of the Book of Mormon

President Thomas S Monson
Song of the righteous - brings blessings upon their heads
Study ponder and APPLY messages of the conference



Sunday Morning General Confrence

Sunday am Conference my own notes

for full sunday morning confrence

Dieter Ect Urdorf, 2nd councillor

The more we are filled with the spirit of God the more we reach out to others
Faith, dilegance, patience and long suffering
Discipleship is not a spectators sport.
Now is the time for temple worship, family home evening, prayer and scripture study
Embrace the gospel and become the saviour’s disciples.

Neil L Anderson of the quorum of the 12


Steven E Snow, Presidency of the 70

1. Listen to the prophets
2. Faith
3. Be of Good cheer
Next time you are tempted to groan try laughter indeed it helps you and it helps others around you.

Barbara Thompson, 2nd Relief Society Presidency

Ways to strengthen the family
Increase in faith and personal righteousness
See to our homes prayer scripture study family home evening
Jeffery R Holland of the quorum 12
Great talk on the Lord’s atonement and crucifixion and Easter

Thomas S Monson President of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints
The world is slipping even more into moral and financial decline
Don’t dwell only on the things that are wrong with the world and our lives focus on the blessings we have as a member of the church.
Be of good cheer.
No matter how dark our path we need only the light of the Lord.

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