Wednesday, 7 January 2009

If ye are prepared ye shall not fear......

I think this is going to be one of my mottos for this year. It's going to be tough for everyone with economic credit crunch, fuel crisises, etc etc. however if we follow the prophets warning we shall not fear. So for 2009...... I've started planning and making already.

Christmas 2009

I bought ladies socks in cheap multipacks and typed up copies of the following Story.


According to legend, the custom of hanging up stockings during Christmas began all the way back in the 4th century with St. Nicholas. The story told is about a nobleman who was once rich and powerful, but then came into hard times. Whether rich or poor, he was always kindly and generous to his fellow man.
His wife had passed away and he was left with a daughter who he loved very much, but could not provide her with a dowry. Without the dowry, she could not marry, which made them both very sad.
Nicholas heard of the troubles of the nobleman and one night, during the Christmas season, Nicholas threw a bag of gold through the man's window. The bag of gold landed in one of the girl's stockings that had been hung up to dry. The gold was just enough to be used as her dowry.
Since then, Children have hung their stockings up each Christmas Eve in the hope of finding treasure in them in the morning...

I wrapped 1 pair of socks and the poem tightly and inserted into a christmas cracker either one of the diy crackers or pre bought (just loosen one side and remove hat joke and treat or keep in if you prefer and reseal) I then added a label which I attached to the outside with double sided sticky tape.

I will add a gold chocolate coin into the end of the crackers and reseal prior to giving next year just to finish it off. The total cost is less than 50p per gift.

I'm giving these presents to school teachers, visiting teachers, primary teachers, sunday school teachers, Home teachers (just put in mens socks) Relief society teachers,

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