Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Journals for children

I bought hard backed lined note books on sale. Wrote a personal message in the front cover about the importance of journals then wrote or cut and paste the following questions into the book.

January 1st: What is your name? How old are you?
January 2nd: What are the names of your parents?
January 3rd: How many brothers and sisters do you have? What are their names and ages?
January 4th: What city do you live in? (or closest to?)
January 5th: Write down one thing you would like to learn to do this year.
January 6th: Write down one thing you would like to learn about this year.
January 7th: What is your favorite game to play with your family?
January 8th: What is your favorite color?
January 9th: What is your favorite song?
January 10th: What is your favorite book?
January 11th: What was the last book you read?
January 12th: What is your favorite food to eat?
January 13th: What is your favorite number?
January 14th: What is your favorite thing to do?
January 15th: Do you have any pets? Tell about them. Or if you don't have a pet, would you like one? What would you choose?
January 16th: Who is your best friend?
January 17th: What do you like to do with your friends?
January 18th: What is your favorite video/movie?
January 19th: What is the weather like today?
January 20th: What is your favorite toy? Why?
January 21st: What did you eat for lunch today?
January 22nd: What are some of the chores you do around your house?
January 23rd: What is your favorite chore to do?
January 24th: What are your favorite clothes to wear?
January 25th: Did you learn something new today? What?
January 26th: What is your favorite website?
January 27th: Do you like snow? Do you have snow where you live?
January 28th: Have you ever seen a snowflake up close? What did it look like?
January 29th: What is your favorite winter sport?
January 30th: Do you think it would be fun to go on a sleigh ride? Have you been on one?
January 31st: What is your favorite part about winter?

February 1st: Do you have your own bedroom? Or do you share?
February 2nd: Describe your bed.
February 3rd: How is your bedroom decorated?
February 4th: What is your favorite item in your room?
February 5th: What color is the outside wall of your house?
February 6th: How many rooms does your house have?
February 7th: Which room do you spend the most time in?
February 8th: Tell something you love about the room you spend the most time in.
February 9th: Do you have a large or small kitchen?
February 10th: What do you like best about your kitchen?
February 11th: What do your parents do to show they love you?
February 12th: What do you love about your parents?
February 13th: What is your favorite Bible verse on love?
February 14th: Happy Valentine's Day! List all the people you love.
February 15th: Write a short rhyme on love.
February 16th: What is something you did today that showed love?
February 17th: Describe your family car(s).
February 18th: Do you help your parents run errands?
February 19th: Do you like to go to the grocery store?
February 20th: What is the name of the main grocery store at which you shop?
February 21st: What is your favorite section at the grocery store?
February 22nd: Have you ever had your hair cut? Do you remember the first time?
February 23rd: Do your parents cut your hair? Or do you go to a hair salon/barber shop?
February 24th: What color is your hair? Is it long or short?
February 25th: What color are your eyes?
February 26th: Do you wear glasses? If so, what color are they?
February 27th: Name one thing you are thankful you can see.
February 28th: What is something that makes you feel very special?
February 29th: Today is special because it is a leap year! Did you do something today that was extra special?

March 1st: What is your bedtime?
March 2nd: Describe your bedtime routine.
March 3rd: How often do you brush your teeth?
March 4th: What is something that makes you smile?
March 5th: What time do you get up in the morning?
March 6th: Describe your morning routine.
March 7th: Do you own a collection of some sort?
March 8th: Would you like to collect rocks? Why or why not?
March 9th: Would you like to collect stamps? Why or why not?
March 10th: Would you like to collect coins? Why or why not?
March 11th: Would you like to collect shells? Why or why not?
March 12th: If you could collect anything at all, what would it be?
March 13th: List five things you are thankful for.
March 14th: What can you see out your bedroom window?
March 15th: What can you see out your livingroom window?
March 16th: What can you see out your kitchen window?
March 17th: St. Patrick's Day! Did you wear green or celebrate today?
March 18th: Have you ever found a four-leaf clover?
March 19th: Tell what you know about Leprechauns.
March 20th: What is the weather like today?
March 21st: Spring! What is your favorite thing to do in the spring?
March 22nd: Have you seen any signs of spring outside? List them.
March 23rd: Do you like rain? Why or why not?
March 24th: Do you have an umbrella? What color is it?
March 25th: Did you listen to any music today? Tell about it.
March 26th: Do you play an instrument?
March 27th: If you could choose any instrument to learn, what would it be?
March 28th: Do you like to sing?
March 29th: Have you ever been to a concert or music recital? Tell about it.
March 30th: What are the names of your mother's parents? Are these grandparents still living?
March 31st: What are the names of your father's parents? Are these grandparents still living?

April 1st: April Fools! Did you or anyone in your family get fooled today?
April 2nd: Look outside. Do you see any shapes in the clouds? Describe them.
April 3rd: What are your favorite spring flowers? Why?
April 4th: Poll your family. What is each family member's favorite color? List them.
April 5th: Did anyone in your family choose the same favorite color as someone else? If so, find out if they like the color for same or different reasons.
April 6th: Does your family have any special Easter traditions?
April 7th: What is your favorite type of cold cereal to eat?
April 8th: If you could declare today as a new holiday, what would it be?
April 9th: What does the word "soft" remind you of?
April 10th: Do a secret service for a family member then write on how it made you feel to do so.
April 11th: What baby animals do you think of in the spring?
April 12th: Have you ever looked for birds in a forest? Do you like birdwatching?
April 13th: What design would you put on a butterfly's wings? Draw a picture.
April 14th: What Nursery Rhyme reminds you of spring?
April 15th: If you lost your shoes, how would you feel?
April 16th: Do you have a box of treasures? What is in it?
April 17th: What is something you did today that you will also do tomorrow?
April 18th: Do you like to spend or save the money you receive?
April 19th: Pussy willow trees are fun to find in the spring. Have you seen one? Describe it, or find out about them.
April 20th: Is your bedroom clean or messy today?
April 21st: Draw a picture using your favorite colors.
April 22nd: Do you know your phone number? What is it?
April 23rd: Can you touch your toes without bending your knees? How close to reaching are you?
April 24th: Do you like the feel of wind upon your face? Why or why not?
April 25th: Do you have a blossom tree in your yard? Do you like blossoms in spring?
April 26th: There are many new beginnings in the spring. What is something new you would like to do?
April 27th: Do you like the feeling of walking barefoot in the grass?
April 28th: Invent a new word and give it a definition from your imagination.
April 29th: What does the word "bright" remind you of?
April 30th: Trace your hand into your journal. Which hand do you write with?

May 1st: Today is May Day! Did you decorate with flowers?
May 2nd: Write a note for your mother, to give her on Mother's Day. Keep a copy in your journal.
May 3rd: What is an activity you love to do with your mother?
May 4th: What is your favorite fairy tale?
May 5th: Would you like to be a prince or princess? Why or why not?
May 6th: Who is your favorite of the seven dwarfs in Snow White?
May 7th: What would you like a fairy Godmother to do for you?
May 8th: What do you think is "somewhere over the rainbow?"
May 9th: Do you like unicorns?
May 10th: Draw a picture of a fairyland.
May 11th: Have you ever flown a kite? Tell about it.
May 12th: Draw a picture of a wonderful kite.
May 13th: Do you have a favorite poem? Copy it into your journal.
May 14th: Are you going to plant a garden this year?
May 15th: What will/would you plant in your garden?
May 16th: What is your favorite color for a rose?
May 17th: Would you like a rose bush in your garden?
May 18th: Do you have a watering can? If so, describe it.
May 19th: Do you like to wear slippers around the house?
May 20th: Do you prefer wearing socks or going barefoot?
May 21st: Did you have a special blanket or toy when you were a baby? Do you still have it?
May 22nd: What is the first thing you think of when you hear the color word "blue?"
May 23rd: What is your favorite Aesop Fable? Why do you like it?
May 24th: If you could be an animal, what would you choose to be?
May 25th: Do you like bumblebees? Have you ever been stung?
May 26th: What does your backyard look like today?
May 27th: Tell about something that made you very happy today?
May 28th: What did you eat for a snack today?
May 29th: What is the weather like today?
May 30th: Do you like cheese? What kind?
May 31st: What is your happiest memory from this past month of May?

June 1st: In which month is your birthday? Has is happened this year or is it still to come? Write your exact birthdate.
June 2nd: How old were you, or how old will you be, on your birthday?
June 3rd: Do you like birthday cake? What kind?
June 4th: What did you receive, or would like to receive, on your birthday this year?
June 5th: Father's Day is this month. Write a message to your father. Keep a record in your journal.
June 6th: What is an activity you like to do with your father?
June 7th: Does your dad have a favorite tie? Tell about it.
June 8th: Do you like to go star-gazing?
June 9th: Can you recognize a constellation? Which one(s)?
June 10th: Would you like to live on the moon? Why or why not?
June 11th: Would you like to be an astronaut? Why or why not?
June 12th: Which planet is your favorite?
June 13th: The universe is huge! What do you think is out there?
June 14th: Do you know what a black hole is? Tell about them.
June 15th: What do you find fascinating about outer space?
June 16th: Do you like to go camping? How often do you go?
June 17th: Do you prefer to sleep in a tent or a cabin?
June 18th: Do you like to roast marshmallows?
June 19th: What is your favorite camping food?
June 20th: What camp songs do you know? Do you have a favorite camp song?
June 21st: What would you do if you saw a bear in the woods?
June 22nd: What would you do if you became lost in the woods?
June 23rd: Do you know how to read a map or use a compass?
June 24th: Do you like mosquitoes?
June 25th: It is now summertime! What do you love about the summer?
June 26th: Do you know how to swim?
June 27th: Have you had swimming lessons?
June 28th: Where do you like to go swimming?
June 29th: What water safety rules do you know? List them.
June 30th: The last day of June! Do you like the last day or the first day of the month better?

July 1st: Canada Day! How do you celebrate? If you are not from Canada, what do you know about Canada?
July 2nd: Draw a Canadian flag.
July 3rd: Draw a U.S. flag.
July 4th: Independence Day! How do you celebrate? If you are not from the U.S.,what do you know about the U.S.?
July 5th: Do you have any allergies?
July 6th: Do you like to visit the doctor?
July 7th: Who is your doctor?
July 8th: What is the worst accident or illness that you have ever had?
July 9th: What makes you feel better when you are sick?
July 10th: Do you like to visit the dentist?
July 11th: Who is your dentist?
July 12th: Have you ever had a cavity?
July 13th: How many teeth have you lost?
July 14th: Does the tooth fairy come to your house?
July 15th: What kind of toothpaste do you use?
July 16th: Do you floss your teeth?
July 17th: Have you ever been in the hospital?
July 18th: Do you like bandaids? How often do you need them?
July 19th: How do you keep cool in the summer?
July 20th: Do you wear a hat when you go outside?
July 21st: What kind of sunscreen do you put on?
July 22nd: Do you like icecream? What is your favorite flavor?
July 23rd: Do you like popsicles?
July 24th: What do you know about pioneers?
July 25th: Woud you have liked to travel in a covered wagon across the prairie?
July 26th: Have you ever traveled somewhere by train?
July 27th: Have you ever traveled somewhere by boat?
July 28th: Have you ever flown in an airplane?
July 29th: What is your favorite way to travel?
July 30th: Do you know how to ride a bike? Describe your bike.
July 31st: Do you own a little red wagon?

August 1st: Do you like to go to the park?
August 2nd: Is there a park near your home?
August 3rd: Describe your favorite park.
August 4th: What playground equipment do you enjoy the most? Swings? Slide? Teeter-totter? Other?
August 5th: Have you been on a vacation this summer? Or will you be going on a vacation soon?
August 6th: Where will you go on your vacation, or where did you go?
August 7th: Do you like summer storms?
August 8th: Are you afraid of thunder and lightning?
August 9th: Is there an amusement park near your town? If yes, describe it.
August 10th: What is the best amusement park you have ever been to?
August 11th: What is your favorite ride at an amusement park?
August 12th: Do you like to go on the Ferris Wheel?
August 13th: What treats do you like to eat/buy at the amusement park?
August 14th: Have you ever been to a circus?
August 15th: What do you like, or not like, about the circus?
August 16th: Would you like to perform in a circus? If yes, what act would you be in?
August 17th: What is your favorite summer sport?
August 18th: What is the weather like today?
August 19th: What does the word "hot" remind you of?
August 20th: Are there any flowers blooming in your garden? Describe them
August 21st: Make a list of all the flower names you can think of.
August 22nd: Have you ever visited a farm? Would you like to live on one? Or do you live on one?
August 23rd: What is your favorite farm animal?
August 24th: Have you ever been to the zoo?
August 25th: What is your favorite zoo animal?
August 26th: Have you ever been to the ocean?
August 27th: What is your favorite ocean animal?
August 28th: Close your eyes and imagine you are under the ocean. What can you see?
August 29th: What color of paper do you like to draw on the best?
August 30th: On your favorite color of paper -- print one of your favorite bible verses, poems, or quotes. Decorate around the edges with crayons or stickers.
August 31st: What did you like best about summer this year?

September 1st: What do you like about the month of September?
September 2nd: What grade level of school are you in this year?
September 3rd: What type of school do you attend? (Home, Public or Private?)
September 4th: What is the name of your school?
September 5th: What is your favorite school subject?
September 6th: Write a short 2 line poem about school.
September 7th: What did you have for lunch today?
September 8th: What is the weather like today?
September 9th: Do you comb or brush your hair?
September 10th: What color is your comb or brush?
September 11th: How many pair of socks do you own? How many pair have no holes in them?
September 12th: How many pair of shoes do you own? Describe them.
September 13th: What size of shoe do you wear?
September 14th: Do you prefer taking a bath or having a shower?
September 15th: Find out one thing that happened in history on this date.
September 16th: How are you feeling today?
September 17th: Draw a picture of your mom or dad.
September 18th: Print your favorite letter, in your best handwriting, 10 times.
September 19th: Tell about a dream you recently had.
September 20th: Ask your parents for a photo of yourself and write a caption.
September 21st: Do you own a backpack? Describe it.
September 22nd: It is now Autumn! Are the leaves changing color in your neighborhood?
September 23rd: Make a leaf rubbing to put in your journal.
September 24th: What is your favorite insect?
September 25th: Did you harvest anything from your garden?
September 26th: How many different colors of Autumn leaves can you see out your window?
September 27th: What chores can you do in your backyard?
September 28th: Make up a math question for someone to solve. Record in your journal.
September 29th: How tall are you?
September 30th: How much do you weigh?

October 1st: Do you like the month of October? Why or why not?
October 2nd: Describe your favorite t-shirt.
October 3rd: What is the longest word you know how to read?
October 4th: What is the longest word you know how to spell?
October 5th: Do you prefer to call this season Fall or Autumn?
October 6th: What do you like best about Autumn?
October 7th: What is your favorite one-letter word?
October 8th: What is your favorite two-letter word?
October 9th: What is your favorite three-letter word?
October 10th: Canadian Thanksgiving is around now. How will you celebrate? If you don't live in Canada... when do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
October 11th: List 5 things you are thankful for.
October 12th: Tell what you know about Christopher Columbus.
October 13th: What is your favorite day of the week? Why?
October 14th: What does the word "surprise" make you think of?
October 15th: Draw a picture using only circles.
October 16th: Find a poem by R. L. Stevenson to copy in your journal.
October 17th: What is the weather like today?
October 18th: Find a bible verse on gratitude. Copy in your journal.
October 19th: Tell someone thank you for something they did for you. How did it make you feel?
October 20th: Can you see any migratory birds in your neighborhood?
October 21st: What is your favorite bird?
October 22nd: Do you have a bird feeder in your yard?
October 23rd: If you could be a bird, which one would you choose to be? Why?
October 24th: Do you wish it was still summer, or are you happy it is Autumn?
October 25th: It is two months until Christmas. Have you started preparing?
October 26th: What time did you wake-up this morning?
October 27th: What did you have for breakfast?
October 28th: What candy do you think is the most delicious?
October 29th: What time is sunrise and sunset tody?
October 30th: Do you celebrate Halloween? Why or why not?
October 31st: Did you dress up in a costume? What was it?

November 1st: Another new month. What is something you are looking forward to this month?
November 2nd: What time do you normally write in your journal?
November 3rd Do you have your very own clock (alarm clock) in your room? If yes, describe it.
November 4th: Do you have a watch? Describe it. If you don't have one, would you like one?
November 5th: What is your favorite time of day?
November 6th: What is your favorite time of night?
November 7th: What does the word "jumble" make you think of?
November 8th: Do you prefer to draw or paint?
November 9th: Do you have a favorite artist?
November 10th: Draw or paint a picture in the style of your favorite artist. Place in your journal.
November 11th: Today is Remembrance Day in Canada. What did you do to remember those who died for our country?
November 12th: Is anyone in your family a member of the military?
November 13th: Do you like to sculpt creations in clay?
November 14th: Decorate your journal page with stickers. Which sticker is your favorite?
November 15th: Do you know how to knit or crochet? Would you like to learn?
November 16th: Have your ever made something with beads?
November 17th: What is your favorite art or craft activity?
November 18th: Did you go anywhere today or did you just stay home?
November 19th: Do you have a hero? Tell about this hero.
November 20th: What does your mother remember best about her childhood?
November 21st: Who is your mother's hero?
November 22nd: What does your father remember best about his childhood?
November 23rd: Who is your father's hero?
November 24th: U.S. Thanksgiving is around now. Are you celebrating? What do you like about Thanksgiving?
November 25th: List 5 things you are thankful for.
November 26th: Ask your mom and write 5 things she is thankful for.
November 27th: Ask your dad and write 5 things he is thankful for.
November 28th: Can you make your own breakfast by yourself?
November 29th: Have you ever been to a museum?
November 30th: What did you like best about November?

December 1st: What do you like about the month of December?
December 2nd: Do you have an advent calendar to count the days until Christmas? If yes, please tell about it.
December 3rd: What is your favorite Christmas song? Copy the words to the 1st verse in your journal.
December 4th: Do you put up a real tree or an artificial tree for Christmas? When do you put up your tree?
December 5th: What is a special decoration you put out at Christmas time?
December 6th: Do you like candy canes? Why or why not?
December 7th: Make a cut out snowflake and paste it in your journal.
December 8th: Write a poem about December: D is for...., E is for..., C is for... etc.
December 9th: Do you have a favorite Christmas story or book? What is the title?
December 10th: Do you have a favorite Christmas video or movie you watch each year?
December 11th: Do you have any Christmas parties to go to this year?
December 12th: What is something nice you could do for someone this Christmas season?
December 13th: Has anyone done something nice for you?
December 14th: Do you have a nativity scene? Do you put it all out at once or add one piece a day?
December 15th: Who do you hope to visit or have visit you this year for Christmas?
December 16th: Do you have a gingerbread house? Did you help make it?
December 17th: What is your favorite Christmas baking goodie?
December 18th: What is on the top of your Christmas tree?
December 19th: Do you have your own special tree ornaments? Which is your favorite?
December 20th: What is the weather like today? What do you think it will be like on Christmas Day?
December 21st: What is a gift you could give to Jesus this year?
December 22nd: What is your favorite part of the Christmas Story found in Luke Chapter 2?
December 23rd: What does Christmas mean to you?
December 24th: Christmas Eve. What does your family do on Christmas Eve?
December 25th: Merry Christmas! What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Is the weather what you thought it would be?
December 26th: Today is Boxing Day in Canada. Do you know what it is about? Yes? Tell about it. No? Find out.
December 27th: What was the best present you received for Christmas?
December 28th: What was your most favorite gift to give?
December 29th: What was the best thing that happened to you this year?
December 30th: The year is almost over. Did the year seem to go by quickly or slowly?
December 31st: Today is New Year's Eve. How are you going to celebrate?

this is great for 6-10year olds or for a lazy journaler the questions can be addapted for your own culture this one came from

Another idea which I have used is journal jars and there is a great site which has loads of questions that can be printed out out into strips and folded or rolled and placed in a clean recycled jar. check out or

If ye are prepared ye shall not fear......

I think this is going to be one of my mottos for this year. It's going to be tough for everyone with economic credit crunch, fuel crisises, etc etc. however if we follow the prophets warning we shall not fear. So for 2009...... I've started planning and making already.

Christmas 2009

I bought ladies socks in cheap multipacks and typed up copies of the following Story.


According to legend, the custom of hanging up stockings during Christmas began all the way back in the 4th century with St. Nicholas. The story told is about a nobleman who was once rich and powerful, but then came into hard times. Whether rich or poor, he was always kindly and generous to his fellow man.
His wife had passed away and he was left with a daughter who he loved very much, but could not provide her with a dowry. Without the dowry, she could not marry, which made them both very sad.
Nicholas heard of the troubles of the nobleman and one night, during the Christmas season, Nicholas threw a bag of gold through the man's window. The bag of gold landed in one of the girl's stockings that had been hung up to dry. The gold was just enough to be used as her dowry.
Since then, Children have hung their stockings up each Christmas Eve in the hope of finding treasure in them in the morning...

I wrapped 1 pair of socks and the poem tightly and inserted into a christmas cracker either one of the diy crackers or pre bought (just loosen one side and remove hat joke and treat or keep in if you prefer and reseal) I then added a label which I attached to the outside with double sided sticky tape.

I will add a gold chocolate coin into the end of the crackers and reseal prior to giving next year just to finish it off. The total cost is less than 50p per gift.

I'm giving these presents to school teachers, visiting teachers, primary teachers, sunday school teachers, Home teachers (just put in mens socks) Relief society teachers,

Review of christmas season

Thankfully the christmas mad season is now over. We had an unusual christmas this year with a slight twist to traditions and I think it really worked. We had the 12 days of advent instead of 24. We chose 2 elderly neighbours for secret santas delivering a small piece of a nativity with a scripture or story tied on the little box and delivered them secretly. I believe we were found out however it was great fun including others in our christmas preparations. We also had our your are spoecial evenings when we each got a chance to have our favourite food and drink on our special meal with everyone sharing why that person was special and playing games all in candlelight. this was so sucessful we threw a you are special night for ruths friend who was desprite to be a part of our nights. We also chose 2 families who were going through a rough time and picked up a boxful of christmas groceries for them and delivered them secretly as a suprise. It was these special family activities that made our christmas so special we borrowed hymn books from church and regularly sang hymns all evening.

My favourite part was christmas day itself for us it was the 22nd as Sean was working christmas day (he's a nurse) so we brought christmas forward we went out the evening before for our christmas meal ( a fraction of the cost of a christmas day meal) we did a secret santa following the meal while singing christmas carols and everyone went to be tired full happy and excited because they helped someone next morning the children waited for us to wake up at 9am we gathered on our bed and started the morning with a prayer of gratitude for all we have and all that we can share. We all calmly opened presents and where polite and patient and it was a whole different feel. I put 3 plates on the table with a punch bowl and the children helped themselves when they were peckish and were happy all day in the evening I made pizza and hot dogs the family favourite - no long hours in kitchen for mum, no waste, happy children, low cost.

On christmas day itself the children didn't notice they were missing out on anything they had a wonderful day phoning everyone to wish them merry christmas without grumbling about going away from thier new toys, no grumpy mum trying to tidy up paper incase someone pops by as they usually do. It worked really. Do you know we got a fair amount of critisism from people (Out of the church) about bringing christmas forward who couldn't understand that it was just another date it wasn't actually the day that christ was born and santa doesn't really come down the chimney on the 25th - strange they wish to practice the principle of christmas without knowing what its actually all about.

If I was going to change anything - its to try and keep our diet healthier so less bowel problems.

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