Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Squeeze My Cheeks Santa

1. Cut three pieces of seven count plastic canvas about 1 5/8" or 10 holes square. 2. Using red wool sew in long stitch one square, and slip stitch two side edges.
3. Using red and white wool follow pattern for the back of the head.
4. Using red, pink and white wool follow pattern for the front of the head including slip stitching two sides beside the white beard.
5. Add a single stitch (in Pink) in center of front of head, use two short white stitches for the mostache detail and glue two googlie eyes above the stitch.
6. Use a pink/red pencil to colour in rosie cheeks.
7. Take two squares (front and back of head) and slip stitch two sides together using red wool.
8. Hold the two stitched pieces together and open the unstitched sides. Stitch the third square on one side of the unstitched plastic as pictured
9. Tie a loop of wool from the inside of the shape for a hook.
10. Place a sweet treat of your choice inside the "Mouth" of santa and add a little label if you wish to the hook.

for an alternative look squueze my cheeks santa check out

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