Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Recycled Christmas Cards

Christmas Card Baskets

I loved this idea for recycling old christmas cards, check out the link for directions for Card baskets great for holding sweets or christmas baubles or light weight gift ideas.

Christmas Boxes

For direction please see the link

Great for gift boxes with jewellery or my favourite wrap a rolo in a piece of tissue paper secure with a small sticker enclose in the box with a label on box saying "I love you enough to give you my last Rolo...."


print the following poem roll into a scroll and secure gently under a ribbon (so the box can't open yet you can read the scroll) The poem suggestions:-

I took an ordinary box
As empty as can be
I filled it with a special gift
And wrapped it carefully.
But please don't ever open it
Just leave the ribbon tied
And hold it tightly near your heart
Because my love for you's inside!
"This is a very special gift
That you can never see
The reason that it's special
It's just for you from me
Whenever you are lonely
Or when you're feeling blue
You only have to hold this gift
and know I think of you
You never can unwrap it
Please leave the ribbon tied
Just hold this box close to your heart
It's filled with love inside
I'm giving you a present,
It's my love inside a box.
It's not too much to look at,
But it's the best I've got.
So I hope it makes you happy,
If it doesn't, I never can.
But if love in a box is worth it,
then,I'll take you by the hand

Christmas Spherical Bauble

Check out this link

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